Frankenstein and Nino the Cat by Sergey Pamis

Election night has a very high level of radio and television. The offer is impressive: La Ser, RAC1, Catalunya Ràdio, TV3, Antena 3, La 1 or La Sexta. Graphs and analysis are tied together, driven by the power of a finale that promises emotions right up to the last minute. Forecasts are wrong, and this breaks the ability to predict the future, in the short and medium term. La Sexta recovers as the main title for its use Government Frankenstein , a corrupt concept that attempts to legitimize democratic alliances entirely. Years ago, an inspiring cartoonist (sorry I can’t remember his name) drew the famous river scene from the classic movie. Frankenstein’s monster is seen giving a flower to a girl. The girl said to him: “I was told that you are a monster, but you are very good and very kind.” The Beast replies, “I’m just campaigning.”

After the campaign, the monster is still there, like the dinosaur of Monterosso. The winners are somewhat sad, and the losers are cheerful. It is as if Spanish politics wanted to go back in time and return to the era of sweet defeats and bitter victories. The Night Script is a fast-paced thriller in which the plot develops with each scene. The proof is that he even allows himself the luxury of presenting, as an introduction or as an image macguffin the terrorist act of a group of Russian hackers against the Ministry of the Interior.

Private solace helps digest collective disappointments

On Radio Catalunya, Manuela Carmina speaks to Ricard Austrel, telling him from intuitive memory: “I don’t know what happens, but election nights always start with a very strong left and in the end things change.” Indeed: things change. PP wins, although Carlos Herrera spoke in the cup about a victory with an opponent but what , at the moment (experts recommend that we wait for the vote from outside and the final count) prevents the possibility of judgment. A few hours ago, in RAC1, Jordi Basté insisted on ambivalence, Frankenstein too, for the role of Carles Puigdemont. Yesterday Basti insisted: He remembered the name of the cat that accompanied Puigdemont at his home in Waterloo: Nino.

The head of government and leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, greets the militants and socialist sympathizers who have come to the headquarters of the PSOE.

Rodrigo Jimenez/EFE

“The comeback was not a myth,” says Herrera, who, incidentally, remembers that in his glee he almost made the end result. Private solace helps digest collective disappointments. Industrial demoscopia failed, perhaps because, spurred on by the general anti-Sanchista atmosphere, it wanted to become an actual force rather than maintain its status as a rational instrument for the interpretation of reality. And also of the extraordinary hobbies of the part that touches me, thank you – to feed the weeks leading up to a score, like the last movie in Mission: Impossible still promises action scenes, strong emotions, and amazing mask changes.

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