From Barbie to Stacy Malibu: Consumerism and Identity

I wonder how many people bought into this idea Barbie It is a brave project called to liberate women and that collective. Having attended two hours of puerile pamphlet and embarrassing propaganda, between astonishment and boredom, I left the cinema devastated, while the next batch of pink-faced persons entered the room. With the desire that we had for this movie. Warners invested $100 million in merchandising Glitter, and they’re sure to make their money’s worth.

So here is nothing new under the sun. But now the crazy thing begins: the strong identification your target audience has with the product. They are so identified that they really believe that filling the coffers of some wealthy people is a political and social revolution. Since the 20th day, gays have not been hanged in Iran, transgender people are not discriminated against, we all choose pronouns, and women all have positions of power (am I really the director of this newspaper?). I read activists writing, “I’m crying, we did it.” And I remember that glorious Barbie Liberation Front They broke into Mattel’s factories and swapped out GiJoe and Barbie’s voice chips. In Christmas 1993, the blondes said “I’m going to kill you” and Mazados “Take me shopping.”

Because until recently, being an activist wasn’t compatible with being a proud consumer of every nonsense that came into fashion. when Lisa Simpson I managed to make a smart and capable doll, Stacy Malibu attacked the same doll as usual but with a hat. Many girls have bought it because “the hat is new”. There you go, new wave activists: same old shit but picador-hat-sized.

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