Great performance by Alejandro Peñaranda and seriously injured Picador Ne Zambrano

Matador Alejandro Penaranda He cut off an ear yesterday at his first appearance in the Madrid arena, and made a great impression, at the third celebration of the night cycle. Cennet Las Ventas.

Fourth wave picador Jose Nay Zambrano seriously injured his right thigh after knocking him out in the first bout. Looking wounded, with his pants drenched in blood, Varlararguero did not want to go to the infirmary without first getting back on the horse and completing the third part of the rails. The applause that led to the infirmary was the real thing.

The great surprise of that night was that of Alejandro Peñaranda, who cut an ear when directing his debut in Madrid, a good specimen of Guadajira, noble and elegant, who the young man from Cuenca understood perfectly in a calculated task and in which he played very well with distances to give crutches of great taste, with elegance in line. Although the sword was somewhat reduced, the wilting effect was a key to walk in the ear.

In the fifth, Peñaranda showed an explosion with the mantle before returning to sign the first bit of slaughter, and took advantage of the animal’s lethargy to describe several batches of good score; Subsequently, Guadajira’s head came off and morale subsided. ovation to him.

Jesus de la Calzada also left a good taste in the mouth against a third party who was not easy, without any class. The guy from Salamanca, who showed up, like his comrades salesHe was very willing, and at alternating moments somewhat disoriented at the essentials, with others being very firm and still when the animal asked him. He received a standing ovation from the third.

A moment from the Tigers suffered by Picador Jose Nay Zambrano.Alfredo Arevalo

The sixth was a castaway mentor who barely gave options to a very willing bullfighter, but without being able to solve the problem in a barely technical way, nothing more than a surprise reception of Portagaiola with his back to the bullfighter.

The Venezuelan José Antonio Valencia walked easily and smoothly before the former directed him with just strength and great nobility, and, having taught it with ease, fashioned an elegant undertaking, with little contact with the lines. With the fourth, which hit Picador ni Zambrano, he was poised again.

Guadajira / Valencia, Peñaranda, De la Calzada

Six calves Guadajira, a well-rendered and uneven game despite having the common denominator of a lack of race. A good second popped up. noble but submissive little by little I and V; the third and fourth are complex and classless; Sixth fell.

Jose Antonio Valencia: prick and lunge (Silence); lunge (Silence after notice).

Alejandro Penaranda: drop (ear); hole and a half (Applause after notice).

Jesus from Calzada: prick and lunge (Applause after notice); several holes and dash (Silence after notice).

In the infirmary, the Picador was intervened Jose Nay Zambrano From “a perforation in the upper third, anterior face of the right thigh, with two paths: an ascending 15 cm path causing damage to the sartorius muscle and the anterior rectus muscle, and another 20 cm backward causing damage to the sartorius muscle and quadriceps reaching the femur and bruising the femoral artery. A serious diagnosis.”

Sales yard. July 20th. The arena clocked in more than a quarter entering the lines (7,310 spectators, according to the company).

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