Guardiola assumes equality policies in the new government of Extremadura

Junta President Maria Guardiola last Friday at the Assembly.Giro Morales (EFE)

smiling, The new head of the junta, Maria Guardiola, of the Congress party, appeared on Thursday to announce who would be the members of his cabinet. One of the ministries, the Department of Forestry and Rural World, will be in the hands of Vox, because after assuring Guardiola for weeks that he would not integrate the far right into the executive, he ended up on June 30 signing a coalition. deal with that match. And for this directorial position, Vox has selected María del Camino Limia, a lawyer and educator, a woman who catapulted herself into the national media in January 2022 by launching hoaxes against the Minister of Consumerism, Alberto Garzón, of IU. “She is a woman who knows the countryside of Extremadura firsthand,” Guardiola said in his speech.

The new government team will consist of nine ministries, led by six women and three men, just like the team of its socialist predecessor Guillermo Fernandez Varra. All of them will take office on Friday. Vara, who threatened to abandon politics after failing to achieve a sufficient victory in the 28-M elections to reshuffle the government, will finally continue his political career in the Senate: today he is elected Senator by territorial appointment by the Assembly of Extremadura together with the Leader Vox in the area, Angel Pelayo Gordillo.

Guardiola’s executive will not have vice-presidents, and the equality policies will be handled by the president himself. The Ministry of the Presidency and the Interior will go to Abel Bautista, his loyal boss and, at the same time, Provincial Vice President and Secretary General of the People’s Republic of Extremadura. Bautista led the negotiations with Fuchs and Guardiola.

It will be the Ministry of Finance for Elena Manzano, law graduate and professor of financial and tax law. The Department of Health and Social Services will be managed by Sarah García Espada, a Medina graduate, surgery and also nursing graduate. Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development will be led by Mercedes Moran, who will also take responsibility for the environment. Moran was catapulted into politics by the region’s last popular boss, José Antonio Monago (2011-2015), as general manager. Currently, she is in charge of cultivation in the National PP of Alberto Núñez Viejo.

Guillermo Santamaría Galdón, communications engineer and former director of Telefónica in Extremadura, will be Minister of Economy, Employment and Digital Transformation. Professor Mercedes Vaquera Mosquero, current President of the Economic and Social Council of Extremadura, will direct education and science. The Head of Infrastructure, Housing and Transportation will be Manuel Martín Castizó. Victoria Bazaba will run the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Youth.

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Vox consultant

María del Camino Limia, the new Minister of Forestry and Rural Realm in Extremadura, from Fuchs, is 39 years old with a law degree. According to the commercial register, she is the director of a legal services company, but for a few years she has devoted herself to livestock and is in charge of the Ganadería Merina Joaquín Ortiz farm, which has more than 5,000 sheep in Don Benito. Limia jumped into the national media after a report with remarks by the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, in a British newspaper guardian On December 26, 2021. In the interview, the minister compared intensive livestock farming with large industrial farms and noted that it is the latter that “export poor-quality meat,” without referring to the livestock sector.

These words sparked controversy, especially on social networks. Camino Limia, who owns a YouTube channel, said: “Garzon, you classify us as farmers who don’t care about the environment. Con and brand Spain is loaded. You can’t hold that position. It’s a puppet in service of all those pseudoscientific reports from eco-terrorist groups that come to preserve on her beach bars with fallacies and lies.Days later, he gave an interview to the program All is a lie, in Cuatro, and confirmed that Garzón said in his interview with the British newspaper that the Spanish meat was of “poor quality”. It was fake. He immediately noted that Garzón also said that Spanish meat could not be eaten “because it is of poor quality.” Also fake. He later added, “He also encouraged people not to eat meat.” forged.

President Guardiola referred to Lemea as “a woman who knows the Extremadura countryside firsthand”. “Heads up World Association for Sustainable Livestock [con sede en Trujillo]So her connection to and advocacy for the rural world is more than credible.” The World Rural World Association was created by Lemia herself on November 5, 2021, as she explains in All is a lie. On the aforementioned association’s Facebook page, the name change was noted on record. From July 1, 2019 to November 5, 2021, the group was called Club Internacional del Ganadero. On her LinkedIn profile, she confirms that she has worked as a volunteer for victims of sexual violence.

Fara and Gordillo, senators

The regional senators who will represent Extremadura in the Senate will be the socialist Guillermo Fernández Vara and the Vox leader in Extremadura, Ángel Pelayo Gordillo. Already former President Fara initially announced that he would leave politics after the results of May 28. But he has changed his mind and will jump into national politics for the first time. Fara will also remain the PSOE’s general secretary until next fall, when the party plans to appoint a new general secretary through an independent congress. Socialist sources indicate two figures who will be on the shortlist: the mayor of Villanueva de la Serena, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, and the former health minister, José María Virgilis.

The second senator, on the proposal of the People’s Party, is Ángel Pelayo Gordillo, leader of Vox in Extremadura. The people chose Gordillo because it was one of the terms of the government agreement signed between PP and Vox. Both senators were voted on Thursday in the Extremadura Assembly and are not without controversy. In the first vote, 54 deputies voted in favor and four abstained: Podemos members. Six MPs alleged problems voting from the same seat. Therefore, in a second vote, at the request of the Socialist President of the Chamber, Blanca Marín, 60 votes in favour, with four abstentions also from Podemos.

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