He was arrested while trying to kidnap an eight-year-old boy in Madrid

Last Sunday, the Madrid Municipal Police arrested a 24-year-old on charges of appropriation and attempted abduction of an eight-year-old child with the aim of robbing him in the Vicalfaro district of Madrid.

The events took place around 10:00 pm, when the minor and his mother were walking down Elena de Troya Street towards their home. Close to the Puerta de Arganda metro.

Samour Civil Protection psychologist provided assistance to both the child and the mother due to anxiety crises

At one point, a young man from Ivory Coast pounced on them and grabbed the boy and dragged him several meters before the boy screamed in despair.

The minor, despite his young age, struggled with all his might and actually managed to get away from the attacker. All this in the presence of the mother, who immediately called the police.

The agents went to the place where the juvenile writer who had been arrested for the crime of illegal arrest was staying. Whereas the mother and son had to be treated for individual anxiety crises by the Samour doctors who were sent to the scene.

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