How do you know which polling station to vote at in a general election and how to check the electoral register?

Next July 23, voters not only have to worry about which party to vote for, but also where they need to do it. The National Statistical Institute offers citizens various ways to consult electoral information. Voters can find out which polling station is their turn in the census card that the Electoral Statistics Office sent weeks ago to every citizen at his home address, on the website of the National Institute of Statistics or even in the official institutions themselves.

INS offers voters a process Electoral census registration consultation, on its official website. In order to gain access, voters must identify themselves through the Cl@ve system. This will indicate the polling place, schedule, section and district in which the citizen corresponds to voting.

Voters who do not have access to the Cl@ve system can visit the City Council or the Electoral Census Bureau’s regional delegation directly to consult with any election questions. In addition, the NIE has a search engine in which entering the county, municipality, and first letter of the voter’s first last name indicates the corresponding polling station and location.

Address changes

You can vote only on the table indicated in the enumeration. For those voters who have changed their addresses, it is necessary to check that their electoral information is updated. It is possible that citizens whose changes in registration and address have not been registered will have to go to the corresponding polling station at their old address

To vote, the voter must go to the schedule set by the census between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

To vote, the voter must identify themselves with their ID card, passport or driver’s license. If the document has expired, it will still be accepted. However, it is necessary to submit it in the original form, as photocopies are not permitted.

Election day starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm. If there are still voters waiting to vote at the time polling stations close, they will be allowed to put their ballot papers into the ballot box. At that time, the audit will start and the results will gradually be known when the table enumeration is completed and reported.

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