Hurricane John Rahm is fully involved in the battle for the British Open

A storm broke out in Liverpool Royal, rain and wind. And it was there, though not out of nowhere, but on the green of the historic course that hosts the British Open. Hurricane John Rahm was, An unstoppable whirlwind swept through the third day of the last big game of the season. The Basque pitched a 63-hit card, eight strokes short of par, the best innings of his entire career in a major, and with a total of -6 he was fully involved in the battle to win the legendary Jara de Claret tournament on Sunday. his eight birds On the round, six on the back nine, they were a work of art.

From start to finish, it was the world’s No. 3 golf tournament. He walked the first four holes despite making clear choices to par bird from the street. The Basque looked very good with the iron, connecting surgeon’s strokes that fell close to the flag. Conditions were perfect for the game, no wind or rain, calm Liverpool big man Barrika started to pressure him on the 5th hole, first foot of the day, with impact already reduced to the +2 he got up with on Saturday. He slid a fresh option close to the head on the 6th, and on the 7th and 8th he saved pairs after losing green When he played but since then he has been a golfing robot, a perfect machine, as if he were That Tiger Woods is in his prime.

Bingo with him to hit From seven meters Ram allowed to close the first nine holes already with -2 on the round and calmly with the course. Their eyes cleared upwards when the players at the top of the table didn’t begin to show through Hoylake’s layout. The sequence of the second section of his tour was to be kept in the newspaper library. In the 10th minute, celebrate another pennant in the middle of the distance to already be red on the scoreboard. rocket with driver in the eleventh to go 365 yards (333 m) with a tee shot that he planted on an edge green And chew another piece of the card. And another shot to the flag in the 12th moved him to fourth bird Followed in the fifth round of the day. A blow to the table in an opening required a hierarchical dominatrix.

Then Ram is back to those moments when he feels unstoppable, the best on the planet, with no competitor to beat him or field to force him to give up. When he is full of confidence and his hands accompany him, he eats the basque at a separate table. On the 15th, he gave another throw from 346 yards (316 metres), catapulted for another bird. He tied another one in the 16th, this time with to hit 10 meters nailing through the center of the hole. The Ram was power and accuracy, a yardage eater from the starting box and a gold rusher at the end. One unstoppable combination culminated in another bird On the 18th on that date -8.

In Ram’s goal, another historic record, is He joined the select club of eight players who won the Augusta Masters and the British Open in the same year: Ben Hogan and 1953, Arnold Palmer and 1962, Jack Nicklaus and 1966, Gary Player and 1974, Tom Watson and 1977, Nick Faldo and 1990, Mark O’Meara and 1998 y Tiger Woods and 2005.

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