John Rahm suffers, fights and survives at the British Open

Many stories coexist at the British Open. For example, a one-on-one meeting between Rory McIlroy and John Rahm, world numbers two and three, with Justin Rose as the couple’s guest on the morning shift at Royal Liverpool. An 18-hole course with Northern Irish and Spanish is the attraction on the second day, evidenced by the outpouring of fans watching the match from the first step to the last. For five hours, cry Go Rory! It rises in decibels and in variations of the chorus as the beer floods the improvising singers’ bodies. There is also an exclamation mark Go Rambo! With some versions in Spanish (Traditional Let’s go!) and fewer questions to Justin Rose. It is curious that the applause scale is transferred to the trio rating. Most respected, McIlroy, finished the day with -1 overall, a good way behind the leader of the World Open Championship, American Brian Harman (36), who opened up a good distance with the peloton, as if he was a runaway who they did not consider a danger to the general. Well, yeah it was, and there’s a cool one eagle It’s 18 o’clock. Fleetwood, Min Woo Lee and Spieth are an hour in the distance.

To find Rahm you have to go down several positions, up to +2, about to not make the cut, though the Basques looked up on the table rather than down; And Rose is packed with +6. The one who does not attract attention, disguised and modest, and does not even give himself all the advantages that he has, is Adrian Otaegui, who has +2 in the day and -2 in total continues to the noble positions. For him, for now, there are no cheers or drunken fans.

The 1st hole at 9.58 in Liverpool. Fans break their peace of mind with bird From McIlroy, who embroiders fire from the street. Let them serve the first drink. John Ramh bats back on the first holes, without great putt-putting options but also without major concerns. In 3, a to hit McIlroy’s very short misses the hole by millimeters. a Oh Walking on the threads we will have to drown out sorrows. On the fifth leg, first #5 of the day, Ram finally cuts an impact on the card after a sequence of parity, parity, and ghost In the fifth class on Thursday. In the same group, McIlroy’s ball visits one of those bunkers lined with a steep wall and the Northern Irishman delivers a masterful delivery. To Rahm the bird He plugged in, and at 6, it’s three, he turns the other one on to hit Medium distance to start work. The first nine holes are closed by McIlroy with another performance from Jarrah from the hill, a curve that touches the flag, but Ram skates and charges with a ghost. Parika’s penalty is doubled when he misses to hit Short on 10. Basque turn ignited. the curse!, Scream.

Curves up. There was a danger of being wounded, and the wind began to blow even more forcefully. He later said that Ram took over the “fight”. At 12 the husband rescued after a visit rough from the right and hit in a bad position, to deliver a third blow later that encouraged him to keep giving strokes. He also recovered from a bad impact on the 14th to chopper And save a to hit sensitive. He capitalized at a five-of-15 average with medium-range bingo. He avoided the penalty in the 16th after he walked across the bunker. left 17 with a bird Very juicy in the backpack, at a very impressive level with high treble green high above. And on the 18th… when Ram was heading to the last hole of the day, with a par five, he had another peg in mind bird And he positions himself in the pair in the aggregate, with a meadow forward to return. But from ambition to frustration because from that last leg he came away with an agonizing ride of -1 in the round and +2 in the backlog.

“it’s a pity to hit From 10 and 18, Ram explained; “The rest was a good day, although not particularly good with the irons. I saved good pairs and kept spinning. The field was harder, harder, with more wind. With those greens Small and with a small margin, you have to hit it very well and with the wind it’s complicated.” Next to him, McIlroy ended as he began, with bird It’s 6 p.m. More applause and more beer shots.

Without much noise around him, Otaegui signed 16 doubles and two ghost, respectively, on the 11th and 12th. He had played early at 7.30, but still the guy from San Sebastian was wearing a shortstop. It moved wide, half a turn from bird At 6 and regularly as a rule. “from tee I hit well, I just got into a bunker in the fairway, to the right, at number 12. It’s true that until the last holes I didn’t have Put to bird. You played well tee a green Although he could have played better at greenHis seventh place is a record for someone who has so far only played 14 laps in a big one, with four cuts missing, and 65th in the 2018 PGA Best Score. His knock on Ryder’s door sounds louder every time.

Otaegui, on the first hole.Peter Powell (EFE)

Out of the cut, the rest of the Spaniards appeared on the table: Pablo Larrazabal (+4), amateurs Josel Balestre (+5), Nacho Elvira (+7), Alejandro Cañizares (+12), Jorge Campillo (+14) and Adri Arnos (+21). So are Phil Mickelson (+9) and Dustin Johnson (+13).

British Open Ranking.

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