Juan Manuel Moreno assumes that Sanchez is “unfortunately” within reach of becoming president

Juan Manuel Moreno, main endorsement and support by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, It assumes “unfortunately” that socialist Pedro Sanchez is on hand to add enough support to achieve his inauguration as head of government from September. The leader of the Andalusian People’s Party and the head of the Andalusian Junta paid tribute to Figo this Tuesday, but did not hide the complexity of getting him enough support to fill the blue seat because the numbers don’t show. PP (136), Vox (33) and UPN (1) have 170 deputies, six seats short of an absolute majority (176).

In an intervention before the Independent Board of Directors held in Seville, Moreno said that Figo, “as a proper man, will have the responsibility to present himself for the position regardless of the support” he agrees to and in this debate “everyone will have to take a picture.” According to Moreno, the “simple thing” would be to let the list with the most votes rule, but “the sanchesmo is not up to the job”. He stressed that “it has never happened” since 1977 that there has been a president who “lost, but whenever he sat on the blue seat, he had a majority of social support.”

This was the case in the case of the central government, but not in the case of the regional governments. Moreno himself managed to be elected president of the board after the Andalusian elections of 2018 after finishing second (in addition to having the worst result in the history of PP) and after agreeing with Ciudadanos and Vox. In 2012 also in Andalusia the same thing happened, but in this case the PT won and there was a coalition of PSOE and IU that got in the way.

“Sanchismo wants to twist the normal directives again and for the defeated to take over the presidency. Pedro Sanchez is ready to do what he must do in order to come to power. They say that the majority is already closed,” said the Andalusian president. Pedro Sanchez could one day form a majority, inaugurating runaway Jontes puigdemontAnd Bildu, BNG, ERC, and 18 [sic] It is the short name for Sumar, but he cannot rule for a year or a legislature under these circumstances,” he stressed.

Moreno predicted that “coupling all the forces of the minorities” would mean a “clear setback” as the SWP would give them “oxygen and power. It’s the world on its head”, he stressed asking himself next where the PSOE is with the sense of the state. Unfortunately, this is what we will see.

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And in the background appears Moreno’s balance on the results that the People’s Party won in Andalusia last Sunday, when it tied for its third electoral victory in 13 months, after its Andalusian and municipal electoral victory.

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