Juan Ramón Amores (PSOE), ELA’s first Senator: “I should not be judged for my illness, but for advocating for a more just society”

Juan Ramón Amores, mayor of La Roda (Plain) who suffers from ALS, in his office in the Town Hall.Andrea Comas

Juan Ramón Amores (Albacete, 1977) has once again outdone himself in his eight-year battle against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease for which there is no cure and a life expectancy of three years. Mayor of La Roda (15,500 inhabitants), The same that was reaffirmed in 28-M, to the surprise of PP and Vox, the absolute majority in a city that has traditionally been ruled by the right, will be the first Senator with ELA in the history of Spain. The President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, will propose to the Senate by means of an independent appointment in a vote won by the PSOE after re-issuing the absolute majority in the region. “My appointment as a senator means proving that disability caused by illness is not a limit to continuing to pursue your dreams and public service work,” Amoris claims in a conversation with EL PAÍS.

Since this newspaper reported his first election as a chancellor in the 2019 elections, Amores has lost the ability to move around, and compared to another report last year, speech has become much more difficult for him. But what the future socialist senator did not lose was his “optimism and dynamism” despite the inexorable progression of a disease afflicting 4,000 people in Spain. “I’ve always wanted people not to look at me for having ALS, but to judge me for doing my best to stand up for a more just society,” he explains in a phone conversation.

García-Page traveled to La Roda Monday afternoon to suggest to the mayor that he’s going big against ALS This does not know about surrender If he wants to represent Castilla-La Mancha in the Senate. “I want you to be a provincial senator, he was so excited. Like me! It’s an incredible pride, something I could never have imagined. My election has several meanings: we should look to the future with optimism and my efforts are a sign of assurance. If they were to Judge us, let it be based on our efforts.” The Castilian-La Mancha president defines him as “a man worthy of admiration in all respects, fighter, survivor of ALS, tireless in politics and in life, in work and personally.”

The impact of Amores’ Senate nomination extends beyond the political arena. The Spanish Association of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis celebrated the appointment of Amores in the future: next Monday the nominations will be presented in Cortes Castilla-La Mancha and will be voted on in the next plenary session. “I am happy with this vision and I hope that Juan Ramón Amores will witness how the next legislature finally approves ALS Law After 49 extensions”, he secured his election on social networks.

Commitment occurs for a La Roda Alderman before the expiration of two months since the left’s electoral dead fall in the provincial and municipal elections. With the stroke of a pen, the Palestinian Socialist Party lost almost all of its institutional power in the regions, as it moved from presiding over nine autonomous regions to three, in addition to dozens of municipalities. Amores, like García Paige, became an exception that night. Not only did the Chancellor resist the tsunami of the People’s Party and the Fox; Its results have improved compared to the previous four years. Amores equaled the ten members of the Council – one above the absolute majority – but with a greater number of votes: it rose from 4,244 to 4,535. From 49.65% of the vote to 53.93%. On the other hand, the People’s Party lost one president and remained at six with 2,971 votes, 300 fewer than in 2019. “People spoke, they expected more votes, but the national situation was observed, as it was seen with a lot of good mayors whom he sanctioned. 28-M when they didn’t expect it,” Amores agrees, highlighting a 25% reduction in municipal debt or Transparency portal on the City Council website. His next challenge will be to combine the baton of the mayor with his new responsibility as in the Cortes General. “My mission, as always, will be to show that people with disabilities are capable of doing the same things as others,” he says goodbye.

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