Junts attempts to deactivate the governor’s abstention to bypass Esquerra

In the brief run-up to the general election and during the campaign, calls to deactivate abstentions promoted by certain sectors of the independence movement were persistent in Younts’ work, in different ways and with different voices, including those of former presidents. Carlos Puigdemont y Arthur Mass and Xavier Trias.

The formation of Jordi Turol and Laura Porras, with Miriam Nogueras as candidate and a clearly pro-independence speech, set the goal of July 23rd. Reclaiming first place in Sovereign Spectrum and overtaking IsqueraAs previously They did in the municipal elections in May; But they fear that The abstention movement promoted by some pro-sovereign sectors As well as an appeal to the favorable vote of the Socialists to avoid the government of the People’s Party and Fox left the independence movement in a few hours.

“If we don’t vote, we don’t punish those who are wrong, we punish those who come, and we don’t have the right to do so,” said the leader of JxCat in Madrid at the last meeting.

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“Although we respect the right to abstain, we declare that it is not useful to defend Catalonia,” Juntes warned Friday morning at an event in Santa Coloma de Graminete, where it was also indicated that it was “a one-day decision that we could push for years.” “It doesn’t bring us closer to independence, but it does take us away from the ability to change things,” they note from JxCat in a statement.

beyond this side, The formation these days announced the failure of Catalan politics in the past forty years when it came to negotiating with the government. To solve the structural and chronic problems in Catalonia, such as low budget execution, investment deficit or fiscal deficit. It is for this reason that they point out that it is necessaryadvance charge“If you negotiate and don’t do things the way they have been done so far. We will not agree to anything in Madrid in return for allowing him to work or transfers,” Turol warned last Friday.

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Thus, Junts’ ambition is to be decisive in the next legislature. For this reason, postconvergence parties claim to escape the dichotomy of having to choose between PP or PSOE. They chanted: “Catalonia!” Former President Carles Puigdemont stressed that “all elections for Gones will be launched from Catalonia” in this sense on Friday in a live videoconference at the last rally. “Neither left nor right, Catalonia; neither PSOE nor PP, Catalonia; neither Sanchez nor Figo, Catalonia and President Puigdemont, Catalonia, Catalonia, Catalonia,” Nogueras later finished.

If there is a scenario in which post-convergence is decisive, there will be two options: negotiate with the socialists – investing in PP is not expected anyway – and try to get returns in advance, or strengthen the institutional blockade in Congress that is internationally focused on political conflict, trying to take advantage of the fact that Spain holds the rotating presidency of the European Union this semester. If necessary, there will be a discussion within the formation.

post-election scenario

The formation requires the commitment not to invest Pedro Sanchez if he does not allow a binding referendum to be organized

Nogueiras, who on some occasions had indicated that the minimum conditions for negotiation were a referendum and the passage of an amnesty law and on others avoided setting the terms beforehand, demanded that the rest of the independence movement, specifically from the Republicans, abide by The non-investment of any president does not transfer to the government the powers to organize binding consultations.

In the last stage of the Gontes campaign, it had the presence of former President Mas and the presence of Trias as a claim to the advantageous and more moderate vote – the final rally took place on Friday at the same place where the close former mayor put the finishing touch to his campaign, in Jardinets de Gracia, in Barcelona. In any case, it remains to be seen what effect the PDECat nominations will have on their numbers; In 2021, the division of the post-convergence space into two nominations has already had repercussions and has relegated those of Turull and Borràs to third place.

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Junts current starting point is four parliamentarians, although the 2019 coalition, with PDECat, secured eight parliamentarians.

In training they think they are in a position to repeat those numbers and make sure of both in Lleida As in Tarragona, they could fight for the second seat, which could give them momentum.

Junts leaders at the final general campaign rally

Junts leaders at the generals’ final campaign rally applaud Xavier Trias

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