Junts puts the ball in PSOE’s court and reiterates their terms

All eyes were on Junts. Jordi Turol and Laura Porras hold the key to governance and investments in the next legislature, but they have already conspired in their first election assessment to “take office” and not invest Pedro Sanchez “for nothing”. On Monday, in the same vein, after bringing together the administration for a preliminary analysis of the elections, JxCat put the ball in the court of the acting prime minister and confirmed that if there were negotiations they wanted to address self-determination and amnesty.

“I don’t see the installation anywhere right now,” said Turol, general secretary, first thing in the morning into RAC1 microphones.. The Sovereign Leader pleaded with his former partner in government, Isquera, to take advantage of the “window of opportunity” that the results represented in his view.

Our voices will serve to resolve the political conflict between the country and Catalonia. “We will not get into a discussion about the list of little things and things that are not at all helpful in resolving the political conflict,” the commander added.

Subsequent parties reaffirm their commitment to a common front in Madrid and space for sovereign coordination

Thus, the general secretary of JxCat called on the Republicans to “reconfigure the strategic unit” and propose conditions to Sanchez that include obtaining a pardon and the possibility of consultations.

The party’s spokesperson and vice president, Josep Rios, was more specific, and Reiterate the request Junts has made to the ERC in the past two yearsA joint pro-sovereign front in Madrid and the creation of a space for coordination of independence with parties and entities. Two faces that Oriol Junqueras has always rejected.

When asked if it would be possible to take office without achieving the two goals that had been set – self-determination and amnesty – Rios indicated that they would be “extremely attentive” to what Sanchez says to get their support and persuasion. “The ball is in his court, Mr. Sanchez has been avoiding this issue for a long time and there has been no suggestion of trying to resolve the political conflict,” the spokesperson assessed. “It has become clear that you cannot rule against Catalonia,” he concluded.

For his part, Carles Puigdemont wondered if people use the expression “Make Easter before the rams(Selling bear skin before hunting it). He said this after Sumar appointed former deputy of the Commons Jaume Assens to negotiate with the independence movement. However, post-convergence asserts that at present they have not received any official communication from the Socialists, Sumars, or the Commons.

With these elements, the official and public discourse of formation follows this path, but there is no unified position, because there are those who consider it necessary to negotiate with the socialists on more realistic, tangible and applicable issues, and to have the ability to influence and obtain revenues in the next four years. In the campaign, in this context, former President Artur Mas spoke, for example, who requested as many resources as possible for Catalonia through negotiation.

However, the various formation cadres that were consulted confirm that the party is ready to maintain the pulse, and if it is necessary to have an electoral repetition. A member of the executive branch had already predicted, shortly after learning of the results, that this would be the outcome. Democrates de Catalunya, a formation competing in alliance with Juntes, declared itself this way: “Self-determination and amnesty or second round,” as they noted on Monday of Tony Castilla’s party. “Binding referendum or new elections,” confirmed Joan Kandel, MP and member of the leadership.

But after that first reading, in the post-convergence training, there was also a Monday who deemed it necessary to do a calm analysis of the data. The ERC lost, compared to 2019, 411,976 votes on Sunday. JxCat also falls, but by far less, leaving 137,591 voters behind – PDECat added 31,687 ballots. These numbers indicate that JxCat is not benefiting from the loss of its former partner. To this we must add the factor of the May 28 municipal elections, in which the same dynamic took place: a setback for the pro-independence forces, although in this case Guntz stopped polling better, losing fewer than 6,000 votes compared to the local elections four years earlier to more than 300,000 Republicans.

Although the dynamics are generally different from the municipal dynamics, if the difference in votes between May 28 and July 23 is compared, the post-convergence loses more than 160,000 voters. Someone who knows the gears from Junts firsthand said a few days ago that as always, more or less, they save face at the polls, they never finish making a real trek through the desert that allows them to rethink strategies.

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