Junts sees ERC terms for Sánchez’s investment as ‘pre-screen’

Esquerra Republicana logo during the “Raise the priceTo the inauguration of Pedro Sanchez for this election campaign yesterday Wednesday: Fiscal deficit, complete conversion of the Rodalies, and maintaining the negotiating tablebut together Demands not to install any president who does not transfer to Catalonia the powers to organize a referendumYou see in it a “previous screen”, as explained by the post-convergence candidate for the general elections of July 23, Miriam Nogueras, this Thursday at a press conference organized by the Effie Agency.

Nogueras predicted at that forum that the transfer of the Rodalies money would not come and that there would be no agreement to transfer the infrastructures. In addition, as she indicated yesterday, she indicated that she would not sit down to negotiate “with a list of grievances in hand,” considering this strategy a thing of the past. “With all due respect to President Aragon, but I think that if one thing is clear, it is that what has been achieved so far has not worked. Neither in this legislature, where the balance is so bad, nor in the last 40 years,” said the candidate of Juntes, who repeats this. The motto day in and day out is, ‘When we have the key, things will be very different in Madrid’.

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In Nogueras’ opinion, the “shrinking” of Rodalez “who will rule” Spain and what will be the course of the state is not the “making of high politics” for which he chooses to “move forward” having “negotiating power”, since, “If not, they’re kidding you.” Gonz’s negotiating strength lies in the ability to confront.

According to the post-convergence leader, who ruled out investing the right and did not make it clear what they would negotiate with the PSOE if Sanchez’s inauguration depended on them, the socialists “will have to explain very well what they plan to do in the legislature” if they want JxCat votes, because they are in In recent years they “didn’t pay Catalonia” and “they broke all the promises they made”.

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Gabriel Ruffian and Père Aragon, yesterday, at the Hospitalette March.

On Meritxell Batet’s proposal to address regional funding model reform in the next legislature, which was drafted on Tuesday night’s TV3 debate, Nogueras said that in PSOE they “don’t have credibility”. “It is a previous screen, we are far above this controversy. We find ourselves in a situation where the state cannot manage the resources. If it continues to depend on what was decided in Madrid, we are disturbed,” he added.

Jordi Turol, general secretary of JxCat, was the first Units leader to respond to the ERC’s terms for Sanchez’s inauguration. “I haven’t been to jail for three and a half years to create a common front to transfer Rodales and improve financing a little,” he noted in his training in Banyoles, in the last meeting in Girona province. .

I haven’t been in jail for three and a half years to make a common front to move Rodales and improve the finances a bit

Jordi TurolJxCat General Secretary

After these words from the leader of the Junts, the Republican candidate, Gabriel Rufián, stated on TV3 that without negotiations there would be no amnesty and the leaders of the operation would continue to be imprisoned.

next to, And Nogueiras indicated, yesterday, at a press conference organized by the Catalan News Agency that “the minimum is self-determination and amnesty” when negotiating a potential government, but he also said he did not want to set “the requirements” in advance.

In any case, former President Artur Maas, who does not have a Torul formation ticket but in this election gives his support, pleaded yesterday at an informational lunch with Nogueiras for Obtain in negotiation with the government the maximum possible resources for Catalonia Due to the difficulty of achieving independence and solving the problem of financial deficit. “We have come to believe that it is as difficult to fix the fiscal deficit as it is to achieve independence,” said the former chief of the general, who considers that the state has “no incentive” to solve the problem.

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Electoral debate of Catalan candidates in the general elections on Canal 3

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