Justice lawyers give an ultimatum to the government to comply with the salary increase

Demonstration of the lawyers of the Department of Justice in Madrid.Daniel Gonzalez (EFE)

Attorneys for the Department of Justice (LAJ) have given the government an ultimatum to comply with the salary agreement agreed upon three months earlier, under the pretext of prosecuting the dispute. Societies of so-called court clerks warned that if the July payroll, as stated in the commitment signed on March 28, increases of up to 450 euros per month are not reflectedThey will once again adopt pressure measures to demand the implementation of the agreement, which ends a strike that lasted two months. Among these measures is the presentation of judicial procedures to the Supreme Court, which is the competent body to review the actions of the executive authority.

The notification comes after the wage negotiations were not brought to any cabinet, not even the last one that took place before the general election on July 23, for approval, as requested by the lawyers in a letter to the head of government, Pedro Sanchez. Faced with this situation, the National College of LAJ, the Independent League of LAJ, and the Progressive Union of LAJ – all involved in the negotiations – They recalled yesterday in a statement that the interim government can continue with “legal procedures.” To give the green light to the agreement that would avoid the initiation of the judicial process.

“That it has not yet been approved does not mean that the rules should not continue to be addressed and that they should not continue to work, even in office, from next Sunday,” he said. five days LAJ National College President, Ernesto Casado. “If the breach materializes, which will be effective for us when we see the payroll for this month, we will exercise judicial action aimed at causing the judicial execution of the agreement immediately,” Casado said.

Climbing is not dangerous.

As evidence of the intent to proceed with the allegations, lawyers for the Department of Justice are planning a rally on Friday, July 21, in Logroño, where a meeting of EU justice ministers will take place. “Normal life in justice will not return until our agreement is fulfilled.”The President of the National College concluded.

Sources in the Ministry of Justice told the newspaper that “the increases are not in danger,” as “the signed agreements are fully committed and binding.” In this sense, the same sources confirmed that the department run by Pilar Loeb, “and the minister in particular,” are the first to be concerned with the final formalization of the agreement.

After seeing the result of the Law and Justice Commission strike, the judges and prosecutors issued an order to stop their activity as well, but Justice and the Treasury Department avoided this by promising the lawyers a similar pay increase. This agreement was signed in May, although judges and prosecutors have raised doubts about compliance with it. And it is that the signatory associations – three of the four judges and three of the public prosecutors – also asked the government to bring the agreement to the last cabinet before the elections that took place on Tuesday, but that did not happen either. .

concern of judges and prosecutors

Although the situation is the same, judges and prosecutors give the executive branch more time before deciding whether to go to court. In this case, the first payment is due in October – backdated from January – but there is concern that the increase may not take effect on the scheduled date. Uncertainty arises when we see that the negotiator still does not have final approval. “If it is not approved by this government, it will be difficult to fulfill the first payment period for reasons related to the formation of the new government and the new ministerial team,” explained a spokesman for the Francisco de Vitória Judicial Association (AJFV). .

And the sources of the Ministry of Justice convey a “calm message,” although judges and prosecutors warn that they will wait for what will happen after the elections before taking any action “according to the law,” according to Ascension Martin, Chief Justice and Judges. for Democracy (JJpD), who added that the “disappointment” in the associations is “enormous”.

From July 23, there is a new scenario and whoever gets elected will not want to see themselves in the Supreme Court recognizing their signature. Salvador Viada, President of the Independent Professional Association of Public Prosecutors (APIF), concluded:

In any case, the associations are trying to contact the justice to see if they can give it any explanation about the delay in agreeing to the salary increase, according to Fernando Portillo, chair of the Independent Judicial Forum (FJI), who warned that they are not going to “just let go” of this.

Negotiations in numbers

about 23 million. During the nine weeks of strikes by Department of Justice lawyers, more than 356,000 trials and hearings have been suspended; More than 424,000 claims were in process; Almost 1,300 million euros have been blocked from the consignment account, whose management relies on this group. To end this labor struggle, the Ministry of Justice and the Treasury offered nearly €23 million to meet a hike of up to €450 a month for the 4,000 lawyers.

More than 46 million. To prevent judges and prosecutors from taking to the streets to protest, government negotiating teams have promised to allocate 46.7 million euros to implement the salary increase, which also amounts to 450 euros per month, for the 8,000 professionals in these two races.

Another deal is up in the air. Justice officials also demanded an improvement in their salaries. On 17 April the associations called in 45,000 administrative staff to carry out partial strikes, which eventually became an indefinite strike from 22 May. In this case, the executive did not reach any agreement. The strike committee suspended the lawsuits until the formation of the next government.

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