Kane pressured PSG to sell him to Mbappe

The most desirable player in the north of the Pyrenees is not Kylian Mbappe. s Harry Kane. Last month, the 29-year-old Tottenham striker held talks with Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich. The three clubs submitted offers to hire him at a rate of about 20 million net annual salary for four or five seasons, depending on the case. Kane opened the doors for them. The Englishman, according to sources close to the suitors, was enthusiastic about the three projects. But Paris Saint-Germain admitted that before making an official offer to Tottenham, a team Standards fair play UEFA Finance It forces you to put money in. The urgency urges the Paris club, which participated in the market race, to consider the transfer of Kylian Mbappe as something that cannot be postponed, even to Real Madrid, the last club with whom they want to sit down to negotiate.

PSG leaders say that even Lionel Messi helped them convince themselves of the need to hire a footballer like Kane. And when the Argentine ended the season in June, he said goodbye to club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi on excellent terms. Qatar’s advisors say that Al-Khulaifi met with Messi and the two spoke frankly, devoid of institutional formalities that for two years classified each of them in the role of president and employee. During the conversation, the Argentine president asked if he thought Mbappe might be The pillar of the European Champions League winning project. The conclusion of the presidential delegation was that Mbappe could be the best specialist in the world in throwing away and finishing, but a team leader, a player who knows how to handle all the records of the game, is fundamentally needed. Someone who has the technical characteristics of the ill-fated Neymar.

When the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, a great supporter of Neymar’s signing in 2017, learned of Messi’s opinion, he was completely convinced, according to the same sources. Mbappe, in the plans of the prince, ceased to represent the main football player. If it was looking to win the Champions League, the team had to put itself in the hands of footballers with a sense of strategy, players like those whose sporting director Luis Campos recommended his signature: Harry Kane and Bernardo Silva. Without further delay, PSG doubled down on its contacts with Kane and Silva and it didn’t take long to reach an agreement with both of them. The strikers were satisfied with the contracts offered by the club, adding that they were ready to settle in Paris, and left the final negotiations in the hands of their clubs, Tottenham, with a contract with Kane until 2024, and City, with Silva’s rights until 2025.

90 million on September 5th

On June 13, Mbappe decided to announce his decision not to continue with Paris Saint-Germain after 2024, and the sheikhs reaffirmed the need to sell him. The player reported this to the newspaper the teamHe informed her to Agence France-Presse, and sent her a message to Paris Saint-Germain, indicating that he would not renew his contract, which expired in June 2024. Al-Khelaifi’s advisors finished two things. Firstly, Mbappe wanted to complete his contract and stay free because in this way he would earn more money because he would have two rewards, the second installment of the loyalty bonus stipulated in the renewal contract signed in 2022, according to which Paris Saint-Germain must pay him 90 million euros if he remains at the club on September 5, 2023, and the transfer bonus that will be paid to him by his future employer in 2024, an amount of at least 150 million euros. Secondly, the Paris leaders considered that by announcing his interest in not renewing the player, he tried to cover himself up politically in front of the local fans, presenting himself as someone who does not act secretly behind Paris Saint-Germain.

People close to his management say PSG has cash. He could pay Spurs up to 130m cash and close Kane’s transfer now. If Al-Khelaifi has not yet officially addressed the London club, this is due to legal requirements. To withdraw 100 million euros, you must first deposit an equivalent amount, otherwise you risk breaking the rules fair play UEFA financial This would expose Paris Saint-Germain to a penalty that might leave it out of the Champions League. Faced with the need to sign Silva and Kane without alarming the supervisors, the Qataris set out to make use of Mbappe as much as they could. Al-Khelaifi said it with all the elegance he was capable of, when he presented Luis Enrique on July 5: “Mbappe is a great boy, a gentleman, so [si dice que quiere] Leaving for free, undermining the biggest club in his country… That’s not him. I was surprised and disappointed.”

This is how a person close to PSG’s owners explains it: “Imagine a checking account with 500m. If you sell Mbappé at his market price before September, the account will go up to 700. If he stays, you have to pay him 90m, which is part of the transfer bonus they owe him. In September, the account stays at 410.

While Bayern have been negotiating with Tottenham for weeks, there is an air of frustration at PSG. Leaders study formulas to get out of the chaos. Al-Khelaifi and sources associated with Mbappe’s lawyer agree that the footballer does not want to leave Paris until the summer of 2024, the law protects him, and the club has not received a single offer for him. If the situation persists and Mbappe falls away from collecting his transfer, PSG will suffer a loss of assets while the signings of Silva and Kane will be dangerously complex, two pieces that coaches and owners consider more important than the French forward.

United resign and lead Bayern Munich

only Bayern, One of PSG’s rivals in the running, Harry Kane, is still in the running. Manchester United was convinced that this could never be done with nine When a few days ago, Daniel Levy, the chairman of Tottenham, rejected an offer of 100 million plus bonus. Both Kane and the executives came up with the idea that Levy would never allow a franchise player to boost a direct opponent in the Premier League’s fight for qualification for the Champions League spots. The attacker believes his fate puts him in Paris or Munich. From Bavaria they have been courting him for a year. Last week, Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel came to Kane’s home in London to try to convince him of the chance of a move to Bayern Munich. Tell him about Kim Min-Jae’s reinforcements and the plan to add Kyle Walker and Frenkie de Jong. The visit impresses Kane, who warns envoys of his position: He wants to leave Tottenham to play for a strong team in a bid to win the Champions League, and he wants to do it this summer – before he becomes free in January 2024 – so Spurs collect his transfer. He feels indebted to the club of his life.

Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich received the same message from Kane, according to people involved in the negotiations. Performances excite him, but he won’t put too much pressure on Spurs. The last word is his club. Bayern, quickly, is already negotiating with Tottenham: He offered 80 million. Paris Saint-Germain is under threat fair play Financier, pledge your time. He is looking for money and Mbappe seems to be the most obvious resource.

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