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There are two days when it is best not to start the week. This was a kind of reverse reversal of the previous one. The other started in the head-on death of Pedro Sanchez on Monday the 10th and it was very hard for him. But it had all gone wrong for Alberto Núñez Figo, who was also Monday 17 Their discussion about pensions with TVE journalist Silvia Intxaurrondo, and he’s spent the week getting back to himself. The roles also changed: Feijóo started accusing Sanchez of being a liar, and now they are telling him. He accused him of being arrogant and arrogant, but the plan in which he became involved with the Intxaurrondo, and saved his life, reminded Aznar of the extremes and discovered a much less noble character than he had thought: “Check your data”; “You will check what I tell you”; “Someone seems to be at fault and I have a feeling it’s you.” not to mention Threats to TVE by Esteban González Pons, who in another paradox of the campaign, is the deputy secretary for institutional work: what a way to work with institutions (and fortunately he is not the secretary, but only a deputy). That feeling that Feijóo conveys that he has a lot and thinks he’s already won only increased with his absence from Wednesday’s debate or, as he put it, “False debate”. It’s as if he’s just waiting to see who the second is. Finally, Sanchez came from avoiding uncomfortable interviews and questions, but threw himself into the campaign, and in the end it was Figo who was afraid of them.

In epic fashion, the battle between truth and lies prevailed, that great song of our time. For PP, seeing themselves in the role of liars broke their schemes. Sanchez was supposed to be the greatest villain in history, and that’s what we’re left with. They even spent a ton of money on a page ad in major newspapers on Thursday to list lies from the president, they said. Feijóo has often spoken about the fact that he never lies, and even backfired, such as when one says ten times that he is not what he seems: “I accepted the inaccuracy Immediately because I don’t like lies being pinned down in Spanish politics”; “I have traceability that doesn’t allow me to change my mind based on what interests me.”

Sanchez’s Greatest Transformation spent four years avoiding the most uncomfortable and unpresentable subjects, and now he sells it with a smile. It took me this long to find the tone, and with the concept of looking for charters even under the stones. So on Friday itself they asked him if he would do it again and he did answer with a smile: “Of course, without a doubt.” From hiding it to showing off. The catharsis of the heart of the controversy, with its scorn, culminates in the opening his last assembly with the song whoreBy Rigoberta Bandini, handing over badges with the motto DogSanxe And Sanx the bitch. Meanwhile, there were three Twitter trends with Feijóo yesterday and none of them were good. Three adjectives stuck to him: a liar, a coward, and a masculine. It’s all because of his stuff this week (the debate on TVE, not going into the debate and his references to Yolanda Díaz’s make-up).

There were more. We all wondered why he didn’t come out Joker Marcial Dorado, but we had no doubts that Feijóo would be very ready. but not. Yolanda Diaz directed it on Sunday (it must have seemed to PSOE that part of the cheap shots would be best left to her, due to the Foundation profile). And it turned out that Feijóo wasn’t ready for it. What about pensions, but this? Traceability was difficult to track. On Wednesday, in La Sexta, he didn’t know that Dorado, whom he hardly said he knew, was a drug trafficker: “Now it’s easier to know things because there’s the Internet, because there’s Google.” on friday in a cup, It was already something beyond: “When I met him, he was a smuggler, never a drug dealer.”

In this upside-down campaign, there is also something eye-catching. Feijóo is a very strange example of a crying candidate: It’s not fair, I’m going to win and They won’t let me rule. Not smiling, looking wary. His message, in essence, is: Do me a favor, don’t do this job to force me into a deal with Vox. And the next person, who should rule the most, who votes or gets angry. He warned: “I will knock on the door of the Socialist Workers’ Party.” Poor thing looks like Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire, doomed to depend on the kindness of strangers, not knowing which was worse, if it was Vox or PSOE. Marcial Dorado was, however, a very nice stranger. It’s as if he’s talking about defeat, he’s suffering, he’s taking it badly. It will only happen by an absolute majority, who will request it as a gift to kings. They will definitely make you happy. And Sanchez, on the contrary, takes it as someone who has nothing to lose: if he wins, then great, if not, then he tried, it was very difficult. He’s having such a good time, smiling all the time. If he loses by a landslide, his smile will be banished forever. Of course, we all know how many strangers and how ruthless he can show from day to day in PSOE. Also Feijóo who After Pablo Casado And he also knows how colleagues at PP suddenly became strangers. One of his most interesting phrases, which he repeated, was: “I will not be held hostage to any party, not even my own.” It’s a recurring motif of him, already appearing in the newspaper library in 2020.

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Everything becomes clearer when Feijóo speaks to the press. It is different in gatherings than in interviews. On Wednesday, at vanguard: “I say to the citizens: I do not want to rule with Vox, I do not want an alliance with Vox, (…) I want to avoid this alliance.” and in abc, Thursday: “If the Vox voters who left return to the People’s Party, the People’s Party can govern on its own. (…) It is legitimate for PP to try to win it back, which we did with Ciudadanos. This should not upset Vox.” Santiago Abascal certainly thinks it’s a great plan. If Feijóo’s idea with Vox is to end up as Ciudadanos, a more pleasant alliance is to be expected.

In reality, Abascal whenever he could give him a touch. On Tuesday: “We are not stupid, we want to respect the agreements and our understanding that the only formula is to enter into governments.” So here is the scenario. Sanchez and Diaz are indeed a common-law couple, but these two are going through a difficult time. Abascal with Figo is always angry. “This is one of the places where Mr. Figo’s fault suffers the most,” he said in Murcia, where Fox voted against the People’s Party government. He looks confused. Depending on how things go, he will be waiting for you at the door on Mondays with some friends, certainly very strange, to explain how things are.

After Feijóo, that was it Yolanda Diaz Week, but for good. took a turn The leader of the People’s Party, who came to call him a “compulsive liar”, and beat Sanchez in the debate. Despite the eclipse, he had to see how Ion Pilara, who finally appeared in some assembly, never said her name, as if it were a stranger, although she always seemed so friendly. Diaz, who prides himself on not getting into fights, dropped this icy response twenty hoursin SER, when asked if he would like Pablo Iglesias to appear in his campaign, as Zapatero: “Pablo Iglesias is doing his thing. He’s retired from politics. Now he has a means of communication, a company.” Finally, an entrepreneur.

As for Santiago Abascal, it was undoubtedly the phrase of the week that fell like a magic balm to fill the situation in Catalonia with peace. He proposed “a continuous and permanent intervention and the use of all state resources to convince the population of Catalonia and restore harmony.” The faith of this man with the strength of his conviction is touching.

And so, with that tension, we came to vote. Although he did advance, at least neither side demanded toilet paper collection if the other won. Now we just have to see what the Monday ahead of us looks like tomorrow, let’s start the next few years.

Abascal, Friday, shortly before the season ends in Madrid.Juan Medina (Reuters)

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