King Juan Carlos prepares for his imminent return to Sanxenxo

King Juan Carlos will, once again, be in Spain on Thursday with the aim of participating in the Spanish Cup 6m races which are being held in Sansenso (Pontevedra) over the weekend. This will be his third trip, to the same destination and the same purpose, since he decided to go into self-exile in Abu Dhabi on August 3, 2020. The arrival of His Majesty’s father, at Vigo airport, between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, in light of the flight plan not being specified, and he is scheduled to leave Spain again, next Monday.

It so happens that King Juan Carlos’ arrival in Sanxenxo coincides with his son, King Felipe VI, moving to Marivent to begin his summer residence on the island. This weekend, King Juan Carlos will participate in the Copa del Rey, and at the same time, the King, in the Bay of Palma, will attend his participation in the Copa del Rey Mapfre de Vila, which starts on July 31. Two sea events, two seas (the Atlantic and the Mediterranean) separated by peninsulas and two kings, separated by their hostile way of exercising their functions.

The king’s third visit, since the summer of 2020, came after his blatant denial of information, through people from his personal circle, making his final return to Spain linked to the arrival of Alberto Núñez Viejo as head of government. This possibility was never raised, since it was the will of King Juan Carlos to continue his permanent residence in Abu Dhabi and, at the same time, to normalize his regular visits to Spain.

King Juan Carlos’ desire, in accordance with his own decisions, announced in various communications, is not to interfere with the normal development of the king’s duties and, at the same time, to keep his presence in Spain out of sight until it passes unnoticed. And although he transfers his trips to Spain to Zarzuela in advance, the decision to return intermittently depends exclusively on him, as well as the rest of the trips from Abu Dhabi to other countries, according to the public statements he signed himself about his decisions to settle in the emirate and not reside in Zarzuela.

However, from the current government (now in power), King Juan Carlos has been repeatedly asked to give general explanations for his actions. This Tuesday, Yolanda Diaz, the leader of SOMMAR, reiterated that view.

King Juan Carlos, in Bripon, on one of his previous visits to Sansenso 2017


From Vigo, King Juan Carlos will travel to Sansenso to stay, as he has on previous occasions, in the home of the shipowner and president of the yacht club in the city of Galicia, Pedro Campos, who will accompany him on his outings at sea. The titular king plans to sail in villain They are in a regatta scheduled for next weekend in order to prepare for their participation in the 6mR World Championships which will be held at the end of August in the UK.

The Sanxinxo Regatta, which will take place between July 28-30, was originally scheduled for the first weekend in July, but the date was changed so that King Juan Carlos’ trip would not coincide with the start of campaigning. The two previous visits of the King’s father to Spain, although less acrimonious in expectations, had caused controversy in public opinion and debates among the political class and, above all and unnecessarily, affected Zarzuela. After the fiasco of his first trip to Spain, in May 2022, when media attention and his public exposure changed recommendations for a private and confidential visit, King Juan Carlos took nearly a year to schedule a second visit to Sansenso, which took place this past April. On this occasion, he was hardly seen getting in and out of the Sanxenxo Yacht Club, always in the car driven by its host, Pedro Campos. There were no pauses, no answers, sometimes incomprehensible, to the media’s questions, as on his previous visit.

King Juan Carlos gets off the plane last Sunday at Foronda Airport (Vitoria)

King Juan Carlos disembarking from the plane, on his first visit to Spain last Sunday at Foronda Airport (Vitoria)


King Juan Carlos left Spain on August 3, 2020, with the intention of staying away from controversy caused by the emergence of economic and financial irregularities and to relieve pressure on Zarzuela. His intention was to return to Spain in a few months, but the initiation of investigations, both in Spain and Switzerland, led to him extending his stay in Abu Dhabi. and, having finished the judicial proceedings, from which he came well out, decided to establish his permanent and financial residence in the Principality, which at the same time he declared publicly that he had renounced residence, during his stay in Spain, in the public dependencies.

In recent weeks, King Juan Carlos traveled from Abu Dhabi to Amman to attend the wedding of Prince Hussein, Prince Hussein, which took place on June 1, with Queen Sofia, and two weeks later, he was in Geneva, again with Queen Sofia, to celebrate the graduation and majority of his granddaughter Irene Urdangarin, in a family gathering in which his two daughters, Elena and Christina, also participated in a family get-together. In Law Iñaki Urdangarin.

On June 24, his name day, King Juan Carlos was in Monaco, at the invitation of Prince Albert, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Monte Carlo Yacht Club.

Juan Carlos’ previous visit to Sanxenxo took place between April 19 and 26 and, in addition to taking part in the previous Copa del Rey event (although bad weather left it suspended for two of the three scheduled days), he was also in Vitoria to undergo medical check-ups at the clinic of Dr. Eduardo Anetua, a well-known dentist, along with his partner and fellow endoscopist Mikel. On that occasion, the trip to Spain was preceded by a two-day stay in London, where King Juan Carlos, in addition to attending a dinner with a group of friends, witnessed the Champions League match that Real Madrid played against Chelsea in London at Stamford Bridge. Emeritus’ intention was also to hold a meeting with Carlos III, whose coronation was to take place days later, but the appointment did not take place. On his first trip to Spain, in May 2022, the great media anticipation generated by his travels and his comments in which he refused to give the explanations requested by the government, annoyed the executive branch and the King’s House.

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