Large scale fighting to block and clear Seine Street in Sitges

A massive battle at dawn last forced the closure of entertainment venues and the evacuation of Primer de Maig in Sitges, better known as Sin Street. Apparently, it all started with a fight between a local doorman and an outsider who belonged to a feuding family clan residing in the Al Gharf area. This initial fight, during which an establishment security guard is attacked, leads to a conflict between two groups.

About 40 members of the family clan ended up meeting with their cars, many of them brandishing bottles, glasses, sticks, chairs and other items that they used as throwing weapons. Both the local police and Mossos d’Esquadra tried to contain the massive fighting, even though it was “extremely complex,” according to sources close to the police force. The same sources added that the personnel’s physical safety was compromised “to avoid major injuries.” A local police officer was wounded in the tourist town of Al-Gharraf. He was taken to St. Anthony Abat Hospital in Villanova y la Geltro, where stitches were applied to his face after he was attacked with a bottle.

Sitges, Carrer 1er de Maigues, Carrer del Picat. (the collaborators)

It all seems to have started with a fight between a doorman of a local person and an outsider, who belonged to a feuding family clan living in the Al Gharf area.

Given the danger of rowdy fighting on Primer de Maig Street, Mossos d’Esquadra ended up activating Operation Public Order with two patrols who joined four others from this police force. When 9 minutes passed after 2 am at the local police station, the first notice about the fight was received. Mossos d’Esquadra was alerted of this body, and agents from both police forces went to the scene to work jointly. After giving a description of one of the alleged attackers, the family clan members were present right in front of the local sports bar, located at the confluence of Passeig de la Ribera with Pasa Rodona Street. That’s when they tried to contain the fighting. At 2:58 a.m. the directors of the Primer de Maig headquarters were informed that they had to close the establishments, and the street was cleared to avoid further evils.

“We strongly condemn and reject the events of last night,” Sitges City Council’s governance advisor, David Martinez, told this newspaper. He added that “Situations like the one that happened last morning between two people cannot lead to a fight with more people. From the City Council, we are working so that such events do not happen again.” Likewise, David Martinez wanted to “bigly” thank the work of the local police and the Mossos d’Esquadra, as well as the “exemplary behavior of the rest of the people who were enjoying a night out and came across this unpleasant incident.” An investigation is underway, but at the moment there are no detainees.

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