Let’s not marginalize the elderly, by Joan Enrique Vives

The origin of the evangelical encounter between the young Virgin Mary and her elderly cousin Elizabeth (cf. M 1,39-56), Pope Francis proposes a renewal of relations between the young and the old, when celebrating the third World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly. The Pope reflects on the message: “The Holy Spirit, who descended upon the Virgin Mary, exhorts her to respond with the greeting of the Virgin Mary. Magnificat He declared that the love of the Lord “passes from generation to generation.” It blesses the spirit and accompanies every fruitful encounter between generations, between grandparents and grandchildren, young and old. He hopes, as Mary did with Elizabeth, that the young will rejoice the hearts of the elderly and gain wisdom from their trials. However, above all, “the Lord wishes that we would not leave them alone, that we would not put them on the sidelines of life, as unfortunately often happens.”

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