Long Island serial killer: a criminal obsessed with his case

Nothing in the nondescript behavior, erratic point or even grimness, of Rex Heuermann seems to attract the attention of his neighbours, who do not agree with his definition. But the joke, or hunch, of two of them, who commented a couple of years ago that he seemed to keep many dead bodies in the closet, has become a shocking truth. The alleged killer of at least three womenwhich is the last on the long list This pattern of killing that characterizes the United StatesSerial was arrested a week ago for killing three sex workers, and he is the main suspect in a fourth accused.

the remains of the victims It was found in 2010 on a short stretch of Gilju beachOn Long Island, New York. call status Four from Gilgo It is related that at least 10 sets of human remains have been found in the area since then. Like a cherry tangled in a bowl, the eventual emergence of new evidence will determine whether Heuermann can be charged with more crimes. The detainee confirmed with tears that he did not kill anyone when he appeared before the judge. Held without bail, he is awaiting trial in the Suffolk County Jail under anti-suicide protocol.

Everything in the life of Heuermann, a 59-year-old architect, fell apart on the night of July 13, when he was arrested in Manhattan. A sensational police deployment surrounded his home, the same one he grew up in, in Massapeka, a few kilometers from where the bodies were found. His correctional firm, which is responsible for the rehabilitation of, among other things, a building in Trump Organization On Wall Street and a $16 million duplex next to Central Park, they closed the site and picked up the phones. His marriage of 27 years fell apart when his wife filed for divorce just days after his arrest. The woman claimed that the reason behind the strong impression was knowing that the man to whom his daughter was born, and her father’s partner in the company, had maintained a hidden life for decades, the details of which were recorded in the accused’s online search history: thousands of pages of brutal, explicit and sadistic sex, torture and child pornography, as well as communication applications.

Heuermann also looked for news about the development of police investigations, partly excited to learn the news, but also with a point of narcissism, of smugness, according to the psychiatrists he was exposed to. Why wasn’t the Long Island serial killer caught? were the most frequently used search criteria. Between May 2022 and June this year, he has checked more than 200 times on Google for news about the four Gilju women.

Hormann has been charged with murder and manslaughter for each of the three deaths, those of Melissa Barthelemy in 2009, and of Megan Waterman and Amber Costello in 2010. Six counts in all, to which two more can be added, as he is the prime suspect in the 2007 disappearance and death of Maureen Brannard Barnes. They all have the same profile: twentysomethings and sex workers with few family ties. All small, all buried similarly. Victims advertised their services on Internet sites. All four were buried in the same way, wrapped in camouflage burlap, the type usually used by hunters.

Rex Hermann, in her mug photo.Associated Press/La Presse (APN)

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The twist of the can keeps viewers on edge country where sex True crime, which recreates true crimes with particularly gruesome characteristics, has made a fortune. That is why not a day goes by without new details about Hayat Monster, As if this massive reveal somehow made up for a decade-long silence without news. The search of his home continued on Friday, for the eighth consecutive day, to determine if any of the crimes were committed there, while investigations extended to Las Vegas, where Heuermann had a timeshare of the home. Four unsolved murder cases since 2006, involving prostitutes from Atlantic City (NJ), have been reopened after the alleged killer of Four from Gilgo. Authorities are trying to determine if he is also connected to pending cases in New York.

Double life

Until his arrest, Heuermann led a double life: he used fake names, prepaid cell phones — at least seven between 2021 and 2023 — as well as anonymous email accounts, to arrange sexual contacts while raising his daughter and stepson and commuting daily to Manhattan, where his office is, for work. Indulging in some life concoctions, he racked up unpaid tax debts while filing various lawsuits accusing drivers of road traffic injuries (none of the cases ever went to trial). A few years ago, he caught several tangerines in a well-known supermarket, and the guards took them out of the facility. Colorful details paint a figure that, in contrast to his monolithic physical existence, is difficult to frame, to impose, according to images that are tirelessly projected on television screens.

Nicole Brass A escort With whom he had an appointment in 2015, he recounted on the prime time program how Heuermann talked to him non-stop about Gilgo’s crimes during their preliminary meeting, in a restaurant. Talking about the victims seemed to get him amused. The way he was expressing himself sounded like someone who wanted to show off his actions, although he obviously couldn’t. ” Concerned about her client’s behavior, the young woman refused to accompany him home and today she celebrates, in her words, on television, that her instinct may have saved her life.

calls Four from Gilgo They were buried a few kilometers from Heuermann’s home without any evidence leading to it for a decade long period. He was identified in early 2022 as a suspect, and has since been placed under covert surveillance. A simple dry pizza crust in the trash of his Manhattan office allowed investigators to obtain a sample of his DNA, matching the hair found on the shroud of one of the victims. Fearful that Heuermann might be tipped off, or worried on the Internet that the investigation had taken a turn, police detained him on July 13, while the two neighbors, who had once joked about the secrets he was keeping, ominously amazed.

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