Lorena Whips asserts her authority as the third stage of the Tour de France arrives

It was a dog named Robot who found the entrance to the majestic underground cathedral of Lascaux. I was with four teenagers. One of them, Simon Quincas, has gone from local glory because of the discovery, to hiding his identity in the hell of a Drancy concentration camp. He was Jewish. His parents died and he survived the Holocaust. He died two years ago, and he always commented that he and his friends were looking for treasure, but they never thought they’d find it, though they did. In Lascaux, the treasure hunter doesn’t always find it. Bicycling is as tough as life. your reflection.

There, near the caves, closed to visitors to prevent their deterioration, Julie van de Velde was also searching for a treasure, which For a cyclist, winning a stage of the Tour. But he didn’t find it. She was short of 150 metres, the minimum distance after she had covered 59 kilometers on her own, without anyone betting on her. They were climbing Andrieux’s gentle hill when he decided to leave the peloton, without anyone in the group taking it seriously. The cyclists went with their potential, and planned to get to the finish line. The fastest women in the peloton They traveled safely, thinking to themselves, which is the last 500 meters they always make a difference.

But they forgot the previous 58 kilometers. Perhaps they didn’t even realize that Van de Velde was driving ahead and increasing their lead. The group was so confused that Fenix ​​Deceuninck’s car had trouble overtaking the peloton when the judges allowed it to reach its runner. They did not let him pass and he ate several meters from the trench until he achieved his goal.

Van de Velde wasn’t even a nuisance to those who were chasing him. Until I started. He got the points for wearing the mountain jersey on Wednesday, increased the lead to two and a half minutes, and for a while he dreamed of finding his treasure in Lascaux, like Simon Quincas and his friends.

The DSM team only started to worry about what was happening, and they put Léa Curinier on fire, but only her, and that was enough for a while, but it stopped being enough when the gap to Van de Velde, which had dropped to 22 seconds, increased again to 35. Then, yes, two and a half kilometers from the finish line, teams looking for a quick finish started to take it seriously. Jolie still dreamed of her treasure, but the Dutch Lorena Wipes had an appetite for victories, which never satisfied her, and the invaluable collaboration of Tour leader, Lotte Kopecky, Van de Velde gave chase when there were only 150 meters to go, and added another victory to his impressive record.

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