Ludovico Einaudi captivates and excites at the Sancti Petri Concert Music Festival

There was a great desire to see her in Cadiz Ludovico Einaudi (Turin, 66), that the culmination of his concert at the Gala Music Festival, in the fishing village of Sancti Petri, was performed by the audience with nearly five minutes of final applause. The esteemed finished standing, with some pretty things, the hallmark of the venue, which the musician certainly did not expect: some buleria. Contrary to what usually happens in this type of concert, the 4,000 spectators did not stop applauding throughout the entire tribute concert.

On Wednesday night, the Festival featured a performance by one of the greatest piano artists, The International composer His audience does not understand generations. It was a night that classical music fans from all over Spain and beyond had been waiting for, and Einaudi did not disappoint. He left two passionate hours in front of a devoted audience that had been busy buying vinyl records and sheet music from the maestro for a while.

Einaudi started displaying his weapons with a graceful entrance. With a black background and dim lighting, he entered the stage. Jacket Panama hat, and I sat down at the piano alone to play atoms. He was followed in the first songs by other compositions from his album Underwaterhis first solo piano album in 20 years, and is currently touring Europe and Latin America.

Ludovico Einaudi, Italian pianist and composer, pictured around the Prado Museum, Madrid, in 2015.Bernardo Perez (country)

The Italian musician was caught safe from the epidemic at his home in Italy. There, secluded in the middle of nature, he was fortunate to find one of his moments of creative freedom. He sat alone at the piano, experimenting because he hadn’t been able to for years. For a while, he just played for himself and for himself, experiencing new feelings. From those months of confinement his album was born Underwaterwho started the ceremony with his songs, which marked a return to the essences to prove harmony, naturalness and fluidity.

Music in freedom

compositions like Flora, wind song s natural lightcreations written by the artist absolutely freely, as he told EL PAÍS by phone a few days before the concert: “After a month and a half of playing for me, I looked at my music and realized that there were good ideas. I wanted to record it to convey this peace in a new album. I thought that Something very natural was born out of this process, and I discovered another side of myself and the title reflected the moment I was in.”

The concert, in the bustling and lively Sancti Petri, has seldom sounded so quiet when the music is playing. The audience also did not want to miss the concert with their mobile phones in hand, although this was done with much more secrecy than in concerts of other genres. Einaudi is an international maestro of planetary stature and a nice Wednesday night has brought together families, couples and friends from Spain and abroad, although the majority came from the province of Cádiz, where this festival stands as a reference every summer, for five years, with local and international artists during July and August.

Diverse audience

They know all the artist’s songs, they play the clarinet and trombone and they came with their families: these are Esther and Celia Conde, two teenagers from Puerto de Santa Maria, 14-17 years old, but far from these young people, the audience was diverse. Professionals, music lovers in general, composition, couples who listen to Einaudi on Spotify to study, and young adults who say they use his tunes on Tiktok and Instagram. It was also inspired by the maestro’s movie soundtracks, such as the films doctor zhivago, Bedouin s the father.

Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, in 2016, during a protest action carried out with Greenpeace on the Wahlenbergbreen glacier (Norway), to request the declaration of a protected area in the Arctic.
Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, in 2016, during a protest action carried out with Greenpeace on the Wahlenbergbreen glacier (Norway), to request the declaration of a protected area in the Arctic.Pedro Armester (Greenpeace)

The song sounded He flieswhich the composer created for the unforgettable film The untouchablesAnd the audience exploded brave. It happened on other occasions during the concert, accompanied by Einaudi of his orchestra of three percussion musicians, violin, and cello―. “Thank youGracias ciao“, is the only thing the artist said all night with a smile as he touched his panama hat. In the subdued lighting and detailing of his hands on screen, the background displayed relaxing illustrations, with games of waves, dots, and smoke, inviting calm. Calm: Exactly what’s looking About the artist through his tour Underwaterwhich will soon be touring other Spanish venues such as A Coruña, Avilés or La Granja de San Ildefonso in Madrid.

Tonight did not lack hit tracks from other albums such as itemsAnd Become, One morning s expertise, instantly identified by whispers between the seats. One way or another, Einaudi’s music has reached an appreciative audience, loaded with personal stories. San Roque native Ana Gomez arrived at the concert on time, accompanied by her Italian husband. He came to come to terms with a difficult phase: he had just gone through cancer and the music of my eyes accompanied him throughout the healing process, like a balm of hope. This coincides with the artist’s goal, as he said a few days ago by phone: “My passion is to continue creating visions for myself and others. It is a constant search to open minds in new areas. I like to reach the heart.”

Concert music festival

It was well past eight in the evening and the music festival facilities were already filling up. The first guests came more than two hours before the ceremony to enjoy the venue and its surroundings. A walk through the salt flats is welcome, and many wanted to watch the sunset in this enclave built next to the fishing port of Sancti Petri, just 15 minutes from Chiclana.

The concert, of which EL PAÍS is a partner, is a kind of temporary city built on 5,000 square meters in a fishing village created and dismantled for five years to host some of the most important national and international artists for two months. The highlight moment. Only in this edition have musicians like Alejandro Sanz, Diego El Cigala or Camila already passed it. One of the hallmarks of Dora Festival, winner of the Ondas 2019 Best Festival Award, is the eclectic billboard. Tonight the Colombian reggae player Fide will perform, and in the coming weeks he will perform Rod Stewart, Bizarab, Victor Manuel, Robin Schulz, Vanessa Martín, Zaz O Lola Indigo, among many others.

The festival also brought the legendary Brish Party – described as “the most beautiful party in the world”, born in Buenos Aires, and now held by cities such as New York, Miami, Mexico City and Marseille – which will host two more evenings this summer after the first, which served as the opening concert, on the 30th. June.

In addition to the main concert, the Concert Music Festival offers various restoration points. Last night many chose a fast hamburger or a dog; Others, with more time, preferred to enjoy the concert at Restaurant R, which presents a gastronomic show from Cádiz prepared by Restaurant Antonio in Zahara de los Atunes.

Every night, the cultural bet finishes after each major concert at Other Stages, Lenovo, with a variety of local, national and international DJs to keep the party going until 4am.

All the culture that goes with you is waiting for you here.



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