Macarena Oluna gets 422 votes in Granada and has no representation in any province

Macarena Olona, ​​leader of the Caminando Juntos, a party was established After his departure from Vox, opened And he closed the campaign in Granada: there he got 422 votes (0.08%), far behind a deputy and a figure leaving the option he leads as the tenth of the eleven options that got the most votes in this constituency.

Caminando Juntos did not achieve enough votes to gain representation in any of the ten provinces he administered It is 23J.

Olona, ​​who was running for the presidency of the province of Granada, the same one who presented herself for the leadership of the Andalusian Junta, although she was a candidate from the Vox party, did not obtain any representative to include her party in the Chamber of Deputies.

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More votes were taken by his campaign manager in the regional elections and Vox’s incumbent candidate for Granada, Jacobo Rubato, who managed with more than 16% of the province’s support to retain the representative that Vox achieved in 2019, Efe reports.

Olona had the support to run in nine other constituencies where he also did not get the necessary support.

With more than 98% of the votes counted, Caminando Juntos received a thousand votes (0.11%) in Alicante; 861 (0.08%) in Seville; 717 (0.11%) in Cadiz; and 657 votes (0.08%) in Malaga.

The party led by Macarena Oluna had the support of 428 voters (0.05%) in Murcia. 122 votes (0.06%) in Salamanca; 31 (0.03%) in Valencia; another 100 votes (0.11%) in Segovia; And 1029 votes, or 0.07%, in Valencia.

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