Manny Calvo (Calvo Group): “I Spend Hours Looking for Planets, I’m Totally Obsessed”

Mane Calvo (Madrid, 55 years old) is CEO of Calvo Canning Group. He started his career in the world of advertising and in 1995 he joined the fleet division of the family business. He had various responsibilities until 2007, when he was appointed CEO.

ask. What is your idea of ​​perfect happiness?

Answer. I believe that complete happiness is only found in specific moments. Those moments, in my case, have a lot to do with certainty about the physical and mental health of the people I care about.

s. What are your hobbies when you are out of the office?

R was found. Really very few. Unfortunately, I have many sports injuries that I have accumulated over the years, so sports are no longer one of them. Apart from cycling, I like to go out for lunch and dinner with my family and friends.

s. How many hours of sleep do you need to feel rested?

R was found. About five or six. Unfortunately not every day I get it.

s. What are the most used applications on your mobile phone?

R was found. Usual work like mail y WhatsApp. waze is very useful. for leisure Spotify And some applications about the moon and Star WalkAbout planets and stars. I spend hours researching planets and constellations. I’m so terrible.

s. What is the trip you are most proud of?

R was found. Ireland. fascinates me, and I go every year to see the Six Nations Or to mingle with them live, listen to music and drink pints. Cherish a trip to Spanish Point (County Clare) with some friends. Unfortunately, one of them is no longer physically with us and is missing.

s. What destinations do you have pending?

R was found. Surfers Paradise, Australia. I also couldn’t go to Pamplona in San Fermin.

s. What groups or type of music can you not be missing out on Play list?

R was found. puff… of everything in me Spotify Cabe desde AC/DC hassta Luigi Boccherini.

s. Would you recommend any books you’ve read recently?

R was found. prisoners of the invincible armada, Posted by Pedro Luis Chinchilla. The book is about hundreds of Spanish sailors who drowned in 1588 off the coast of Ireland. I recommend it without any doubt.

s. Are you a fan of TV series? What are your favourites?

R was found. Not much. True, I loved him very much at that time Too badAnd Poor disguisealthough I feel that since there is more and more, the level has dropped a lot.

s. What imbalance would you like to correct in your personality?

R was found. I have a lot of everything.

s. And what virtue would you like to highlight?

R was found. no one. Virtues must be highlighted by another person, something pretentious remains in oneself.

s. Do you like gastronomy?

R was found. I like the fact of going out with good company more than the fact of going out to eat a certain place or a special dish.

s. What restaurants do you usually choose for business lunches?

R was found. The one that is near my office. Grupo Calvo’s Madrid offices are located on the Príncipe de Vergara which is a great area for this type of meeting.

s. And for meals with friends or family?

R was found. We really like Trasgu de Torrelodones for the food, atmosphere and views of Madrid.

s. What advice have you received that you always keep in mind?

R was found. When I was young and the company was going through some difficulties, I was so confused I couldn’t even sleep, but my father always soothed and calmed me down. He always told me that beyond that steep and impenetrable hill before him he would find great green meadows. It’s silly, but it calmed me down.

s. What advice would you like to give?

R was found. I am a calm person and count to ten before responding. The great disasters of humanity, as well as among family and friends, usually begin with an ill-conceived heated reaction.

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