Maximum temperatures will rise today in most of the peninsula

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) expects stable and dry weather to prevail today Sunday in most parts of the country, with maximum temperatures that will rise in most of the peninsula and will be significantly higher in the interior and Mallorca.

The sky will be slightly cloudy or with intermittent periods of medium and high clouds in much of the country, with periods of morning low clouds in the areas of the eastern third of the peninsula and the strait.

The Atlantic Ocean front will touch the extreme northwest of the peninsula and will leave a possible precipitation in northwest Galicia

The Atlantic front will touch the extreme northwest of the peninsula and will leave possible precipitation in northwest Galicia, without excluding the western Sea of ​​Cantabria.

Clouds of diurnal development will be recorded in the inner part of the eastern third, without excluding dry storms, which may sometimes be accompanied by precipitation in mountainous areas.

A common bath cools off the heat in a fountain in Pola de Cerro in Asturias

EFE/Eloy Alonso

In the Canary Islands there will be periods of low clouds in the north of the islands. In addition, fog is likely in the southeast of the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, which will spread to the rest of the southeastern half of the peninsula.

Morning mists or haze are not excluded in the interior of the Valencian community, east of Castilla La Mancha and in the Cantabrian mountain range. In the last hours, some fog or mist may also appear in the Strait and Alboran region.

Up to 40 ° C in the valleys of the Guadalquivir and Ebro

36/38° is likely to be reached in most inland areas of the southern, central and inner half of Mallorca, and 38/40 in the valleys of Guadalquivir and Ebro.

At lower temperatures the climb will prevail. In the Canary Islands they will have slight depressions, which will be more pronounced in the central regions, and the trade winds will blow, with strong intervals in the western islands tending to calm.

On the slopes of the Atlantic Ocean, Cantabria and in the upper and middle of the Ebro, winds prevail from the west and southwest, and in the Mediterranean area they are from the east and southeast.

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