Mazon abolishes inheritance and donation tax in the Valencian Community

The President of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazón, announced this Friday the adjustment of the inheritance and donation tax in the Valencian community due to its minimal impact on the coffers of the Generalitat but its significant impact on family economies. He remarked, “We will never pay twice for the same thing again, nor can we keep a death tax.”

Thus, Consell will urgently amend the law to support this tax at 99% in both cases, both from donations and inheritances for children and spouses as well as parents. Bonus will come into effect from May 28, election date. The inheritance and gift tax has already been abolished in other PP-governed regions, such as Madrid.

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Salvador Angex

This is the first procedure of the plenary session of the new government of Valencia which met this morning for the first time in the Archaeological Museum of Alicante. The popular leader chose his city and the prestigious cultural entity that these days receives thousands of visits because of the Warriors of Xian exhibition, to make his first big announcement, two days before the general elections.

It was the only agreement though that the plenary session of the council also gave a description of the new structure of the Consellerias which was published on Thursday afternoon in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat. As announced by Mazon himself, the regional secretaries go from 55 to 46 with an annual savings of €800,000.

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