Mazón achieved prominence with his decisions in the final stage of the 23 J campaign

On May 29, hours after confirming the institutional collapse, the head of government, Pedro Sánchez, called general elections with the aim of agitating the left and seeking a mobilization that would give him options to keep Spain’s government. Despite the defeat, on socialist accounts, PP and Vox treaty announcements and the knowledge of some of the first actions were expected to wake up the progressive voter.

Although the pre-campaign health It started with shocks on Genova Street (PP headquarters) Because of conventions such as the Valencia Convention in which the term violence within the family is used or climate change is not discussed, over the weeks the Valencia PP has been reorienting the position. Yesterday, the new president of the General, Carlos Mazón, concluded the campaign of the Generals in the Valencian community with a great declaration: the abolition of the tax on inheritance and donations. One of the promises of the program that he won in the regional elections and which allows him to appear before the voters next Sunday with a commitment already in progress.

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Despite the initial reluctance of the PSPV to shorten the terms of the inauguration, Mazón seems to have known how to deal with the times and the agreements between the different parties to have a stable government that is constrained and able to make the first big decision on the last day of the campaign. Despite the fact that it wasn’t easy (Vox is an uncomfortable partner for popular people trying to distance themselves from Abascal on a national level), Mazón managed to lead and legacy the bulk of the campaign.

With some matches at half throttle, after the exhaustion of regional and municipal elections and the impossibility of holding large events in the middle of summer and high temperatures, the story of the generals in Valencian society went according to the roadmap of the president of the People’s Party.


Mazoon has emerged amid a lethargic campaign

Therefore, he did not mind showing his waist and seeking agreements with the rest of the parties To form the Mesa de les Corts (settlement) Or create the Parliamentary Calendar (PSPV). Although perhaps the most important was the one who ended up leaving Valencia’s left touching and persuading independents from Vall Ens Uneix so that PP could head the Diputación de València, the only institution left by Valencia after the poor results of the 28-M.

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The new president of Depotacion de Valencia, Vicente Mombo.

The final race of the campaign was marked largely by the calendar of government formation in the Valencian Community. On Thursday last week, Mazoon emerged unscathed from clashing with the opposition in the inauguration controversy. He was sworn in on Monday and assumed his duties, and his ministers did the same on Wednesday.

Indeed, on Thursday they did indeed brush strokes on their first proposals aimed largely at appeasing their constituents —Vox’s vice president’s case with the bullfight or who Education with multilingualismOr – and even define the red lines that give confidence to the voter. The experienced second vice president, Susana Camarrero, did so, making it clear that among the new government’s priorities – whatever the far-right says – will be combating violence against women.

“honeymoon” effect

The new government has already managed to launch some commitments to the new legislature

Mazon has the so-called “honeymoon” effect that election winners enjoy months after they win. At that point, they have more political capital, among other things, because they haven’t had time to piss off voters.

Polls will decide next Sunday whether the new conservative electoral majority has been consolidated (as opinion polls indicate) or whether the left, stunned by the 28 AD coup, has managed to respond. But in the key Valencia, Carlos Mazon managed to play an unexpected role in the final stage of the campaign.

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