‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’, the sixth installment of the Tom Cruise-led franchise, and four more suggestions to watch today on TV

Cinema leads the TV show today with films as diverse as Turnout Mission Impossible: Fallout or a classic like Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. In addition, the news is on TVE with weekly report, Which proposes a trip with Doctors Without Borders on the Geo Barents ship, which is responsible for rescuing migrants trying to reach Europe, and also on La Sexta with analysis on election day tomorrow.

“Annie Hall”

Movistar Drama20.20.20

EE UU, 1977 (93 min). Director: Woody Allen. Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts.

The first film in which Woody Allen openly abandoned his comedic intentions has become a benchmark in his career. annie hall, A film that tells nothing less than a simple love story, hiding behind the seemingly casual side of its show is a delicacy that hundreds of comics would wish for themselves. Since then, Allen has been checking out his characters with a new look that’s still that of a humorous comedian, of course, but also for fans of the subtle gestures and intimate looks. The film won two Oscars Meetings in the third stage y star Wars. It was different times.

“Weekly Report” with Doctors Without Borders

21.30, 1

DVD 1055 May 27 Rescue maneuver exercises with two Geo Barents speedboats.  Photo by Elvira Palomo
DVD 1055 May 27 Rescue maneuver exercises with two Geo Barents speedboats. Photo by Elvira Palomo

this week, weekly report Submit the report Mediterranean trap Where he travels aboard the Geo Barents, a Doctors Without Borders ship responsible for rescuing desperate migrants trying to reach Europe. Later, Purchases, sales and social networks Analyzes how the Internet has changed consumption habits and patterns. to the end, The writer of our lives He reviews with Manuel Alejandro his career and his successes.

“laSexta Xplica!” ahead of the impending elections

21.45, VI

José Yélamo presents Xplica Sixth Edition

space tonight sixth detail, With Jose Yalamo at the helm, he turned to the day thinking about tomorrow’s election. The program will make some predictions about the possible outcomes with a group of political scientists who will research the keys to the elections. Moreover, the degree Xpliers Will approach the importance of tourism, massification of Tourismophobia.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

22.00, four

Mission: Impossible: Fallout, by Christopher McCurry

USA, 2018 (147 minutes). Director: Christopher McCurry. Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill.

Tom Cruise becomes super spy Ethan Hunt again in the sixth installment of Mission Impossible. Gone are the times of the first installment with an author like Brian De Palma. This sixth episode hits on the hallmarks of the franchise: sheer action, visual excess and furious pacing. However, having a filmmaker like Christopher McQuarrie behind the camera ensures a certain visual fantasy stream in the adventures of Hunt and his cohorts, who are now on the hunt for a group of bad guys who intend to build nothing less than nuclear weapons.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, 22.00.0000

The Color Purple by Steven Spielberg

Violet. EE UU, 1985 (147 min.). Director: Steven Spielberg. Interpretes: Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Margaret Avery, Oprah Winfrey.

on time, Violet It was almost a shock. This was the first time Spielberg had abandoned his mission Showman Attentive to perfection to treat melodrama with a classic flair, it was fully interpreted, moreover, by black actors, which meant a real challenge to the Hollywood industry. Violet The great director shows that Spielberg at times, thanks to a histrionic that flaunts narrative elegance to depicting with unbridled emotion the harrowing story of two sisters mistreated by life, love, and destiny.

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