Moss closely monitors a thousand potential sex offenders

In December 2020, it was created Central Sexual Assault Unit (UCAS) has represented before and after treatment of the most serious sexual offenses (needless to say that all assaults are egregious to the woman who suffers them).

That humble unit, born at the insistence of those then in charge of the General Police Criminal Investigation Center of Musos d’Esquadra, had priority in placing victims at the center of investigations working from the outset alongside a group of analysts responsible for examining the daily barrage of complaints with a magnifying glass.

The defendant in violation of Igualada will also be prosecuted for attempted murder

three years later, The Catalan police go one step further and now focus their sights on the aggressors, strengthening this analysis group, now at the unit rank.and this will be responsible not only for cooperating with the investigators by presenting the profiles of the suspects, but also for monitoring and controlling the thousands of sex offenders released today in Catalonia.

Yes, they read it correctly and the number is scary. In Catalonia, a moose controls, monitors, or somehow protects about a thousand men who were at some point protagonists of sexual crimes, who are free, and those awaiting trial. or because they are complying with a precautionary measure issued by a judge or have an international or national search and detention order. There are also, and the most serious, 18 men who have been released after serving their sentences, who have either not participated in any reintegration program or if they have participated, have failed and there are reports of a high risk of recidivism. They do not accept the crime they have committed and do not regret it.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for ordering the possessed to watch these men after serving the sentence and the manner in which it is carried out. Anyway, they are undercover police oversight, and they can’t be aggressive because they have no pending cases. To this day, there is no 24-hour police control.

Sexual offenses remain the dire protagonist of crime news in Catalonia and the rest of Spain. The way forward in terms of preventing still-growing crime is still a long way, as evidenced by the figures presented yesterday by the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, and Inspector Monstirrate Escudi, during the presentation of the new analysis unit.

In the first half of this year, Mossos d’Esquadra alone collected 2,063 complaints of sexual offenses and assisted 2,412 victims. Division is scary, but it is convenient to do it because it means that every day, and only in Catalonia, 13 women go to a police station to report that they have been sexually assaulted. This is without counting everyone who denounces at the Municipal Police Station, the National Police, the Civil Guard, or the many who remain silent due to multiple factors ranging from fear to mistrust.

The figure indicates a growth in the number of complaints by 16% compared to the same semester of the previous year. A character that Inspector Escud wanted to interpret positively, because it can be done. Because this increase in complaints is also worth reading the awareness that began to materialize after the violation package in Pamplona And that it allowed legislative change and a new method of police, judicial and social management of these crimes, which led many victims to cross the threshold of police stations.

Since the approval of the Violence Against Women Act, the number of women killed by their partners and ex-partners has decreased

The Mossos expect the new analysis unit to start operating after the summer. Together with the existing UCAS, both units will integrate the new Central Area of ​​Sexual Violence which will double the number of police officers, most of whom are women, starting with the person in charge, Inspector Kira Estrada.

The methodology will not change, because it works and UCAS has become a standard in research that has really pushed boundaries. The complex investigation that led to the alleged sex offender in Igualada, during chestnut from 2021, Focus on this group of researchers. By the way, yesterday the judge in charge of the case, Brian Raimundo Céspedes Mendieta, informed Mendieta that he would not only be tried for the alleged crime of sexual assault, but also be charged with attempted murder.

UCAS protected the victim and to this day still accompanies her every time, like yesterday, her case goes to the media or she has to carry out some procedure.

Over time, the unit encountered another situation that characterized the new work methodology that was now incorporated. alleged rapist racer. Fake delivery man took advantage of pandemic restrictions to rape five women.

In this case, by the prosecutor who participated in the trial, Alexandra García Tabernero, Al Mossos prepared a report analyzing the behavior of the aggressor that made it possible to establish a pattern linking the then accused to the five victims. The prosecutor requested that this UCAS analyst participate in the trial as an expert and his story was central to his sentencing to 11 years in prison.


Sexual violence in numbers

Murders. The number of women killed by violence against women this year has risen so far to 28 and since 2003, the year the count began, to 1,212. The number of orphans due to this type of violence has risen to 33 in 2023 and 410 since 2013.

complaints. Regarding the dead, 22 of them did not file complaints against the alleged killers. And the six who made the complaint themselves, not anyone from their environment.

ages. Most of the dead were between the ages of 31 and 40 (46.4%), followed by those between the ages of 41 and 50 (32.1%). The next group of women over 60 is 10.7%.

sex vs domestic. In 2022, 33,209 women were victims of violence against women compared to 8,151 victims of domestic violence. Of these, 3,202 are men and about 5,000 are women (60.7%). In the latter case, most abuses from children happen to parents, 37% (3208); 26.7% from parents to children (2,316) and 26% from sibling to sibling.

complaints. The number of complaints handled in the courts of violence against women exceeded 182,073 in 2022, according to the General Council of the Judiciary. In 2021, their number is 162,848. According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, 0.01% is wrong.

016. From the service’s launch in September 2007 through May 31, 2023, a total of 1,180,282 calls have been made.

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