Musk turns Twitter into an unknown amount (X)

In the best Indiana Jones tradition, the X is where it’s at. In this case, it refers to Twitter forever. Its owner, Elon Musk, changed its name yesterday, but something else, too. Twitter has not ceased to be Twitter to be called X. The old bird logo has already been replaced by the new official one, but the transformation will not only be aesthetic. The project will turn it into an app focused on voice, video, messaging and payments/banking in order to turn it into a “global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunities,” according to a tweet from CEO Linda Iaccarino. Anonymous, come on. There was no name (X) in good standing.

The first signs that something was going on came on Sunday, when Musk caught the change early in the morning: “We will soon say goodbye to the Twitter brand and gradually to all birds.” Almost no one knew the extent of this transformation. Because of the billionaire’s constant antics, the expectation was to see if he really made the announcement as if everything was, in the end, a joke.

The new X logo also defines Elon Musk’s old Twitter profile

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It was no joke. At night, a large X was projected onto the facade of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Musk has spent hours talking about rebranding to the letter X, which has a particular fixation: It’s a letter he’s used on other products and brands of his own, such as SpaceX, -PayPal’s first domain-, or Tesla model X. There’s an x ​​in each of his children’s names (Alexander, Xavier, Saxon, Exa, and Æ Avagant). His latest company founded to develop artificial intelligence is xAI.

Musk challenged on Twitter/X on Sunday that if the X logo was posted it was “good enough” it would be shown “live to all” yesterday. no sooner said than done. A user named Sawyer Merritt abandoned an X that was displayed at night on the facade of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, while Musk explained that they were going to remove the old bird logo by cutting off its metal supports with a hacksaw.

X also replaced Elon Musk’s profile picture on the social network, as references like Twitter and yesterday’s bird remained in apps while they disappeared on the social network site. The replacement seems to be fast. The official name of the company is now X corp.

The process is not explained in detail, but it is expected to be the “future state of infinite interaction”.

The process isn’t explained in detail — since Musk arrived in November, Twitter hasn’t had a communications department — though there are signs that the changes will be more profound, since X will be, in Yaccarino’s words, “well… everything.” The CEO appointed by Musk to run the social network yesterday described the new platform as “the future state of unlimited interaction.”

The platform announced a few days ago that it would limit the number of text messages to non-paying users, as well as offer a hiring feature similar to that of the professional social network LinkedIn for verified organizations. One of the future services will allow you to post long articles. If x is resolved.

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