Oppenheimer, barren subject for a good movie

The distributor, the producer, the leadership role of this supposedly essential thing marketing, king Christopher Nolanone who does not doubt his status as a legitimate artist, presents the premiere of Oppenheimer at the major cinematic event of the year. Hollywood’s gap in recent years has been missing in creating creative and powerful films, with the ability to appeal to a mass audience that doesn’t have an atrophied sense of taste. The press screening takes place in a cinema in Las Rozas (Madrid), which responds to the visual and acoustic conditions in which Nolan shot his film. Is Paris worthy of Mass? The discomfort of a long flight fades before the visual powerhouse on display. And the sound makes the chair vibrate alarmingly.

You also know that you will be there for three hours. The standard imposed by Hollywood regarding the exhausting duration of cinema always seems regrettable and unwarranted to me, but in the case of this film I watch the watch neither compulsively nor at ease. I also tolerate the need for a bladder. I don’t want to be absent to say the least. Time does not overwhelm. Because history is powerful. too dark. And narrated it.

Christopher Nolan always takes seriously what he wants to do, he’s a perfectionist. Sometimes it comes embroidered, as in the unusual The Dark Knight y Dunkirk. Others have a remarkable appeal to me (Insomnia, The Last Trick, Interstellar) And I can also find it as pretentious as it is incomprehensible in an unbearable situation Origen y Tenet. But the imprint of his character is fixed. The product gets better or worse. I don’t think the irreplaceable Scorsese has much of a career left for him because of his age. And the often-hypnotized David Fincher takes his career in stride. Nolan on the wave of previous waves. It is one of the few alternatives that Hollywood offers to the tedious and routine cinema of superheroes, endless epics and other triumphant frivolity.

Nolan writes and directs Oppenheimer. And I imagine him controlling even the smallest details in production. The complex treats Biography of a genius scientist which created something absolutely amazing and with monstrous effects called the atomic bomb. Not only did this man acquire tremendous knowledge of quantum physics. Also the brilliance and ability to extract the best from other scientists, the intuition, ability and persuasion to get them to work together, the widespread public recognition of his talent, and the enormous social projection of his personality. Everything in it corresponds to the image of an absolute winner. Until they surrounded him with a fierce campaign, led by powerful bureaucrats who played a double game with the supremacy that Oppenheimer represented, the FBI of that powerful, immoral and evil person named Edgar Hoover and the disastrous consequences for so many people of the witch-hunt that Senator M. C. Carthy and his various followers have set up against suspected or actual leftists. And it turned out that Oppenheimer had always had a social conscience and supported the Republic with his words and money during the Spanish Civil War, and that his brother and people very close to him were members of the Communist Party of the United States. They have tried and partially succeeded in burning their image by using tricks, inventing lies and half-truths, and manipulating their environment.

Nolan also depicts the Dark Territories, and the guilt and moral doubts of the man who made and destroyed the atomic bomb possible, the most brutal weapon ever invented by science in humankind’s predatory history. It was created with its deterrent effect in mind to be used in wars, but the United States has proven its lethal effectiveness by destroying catastrophic cities. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. For two years, the military and scientists have been rehearsing what might happen in the Los Alamos desert. And although Russia was his ally against Nazism, the competition and espionage between the two countries had already begun to own the beast as quickly as possible. The United States justified dropping the atomic bomb by saying it ended the war and saved many American lives. Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein (the relationship between these two distinct minds is deliciously described) maintained doubts as well as terrible certainty about the effects of what they created.

Oppenheimer It has climate, nuanced characters, clever dialogue, swaths of light and shadow, sometimes dazzling visual force, and performers who make their characters believable. Nolan has a script where unsettling things happen and he films it with appreciation. This movie breathes and creates anxiety. It makes you feel those feelings. I am satisfied with that at a time when going to the cinema is rarely a certain pleasure and yearning for it. Just commit.

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