Otegi insists that EH Bildu’s priority will be to “prevent the right from ruling” in Spain

The general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, on Monday expressed his satisfaction with the Results achieved by this formation in Sunday’s elections, receiving 333,362 votes. It will be represented in the Cortes by six deputies (five in the Basque Country and one in Navarre) and five senators: it was our best result in history in general elections. We beat Amayor’s results [en 2011]. Our upward trend is structural.” Bildu achieved 52,000 more votes than four years ago. PP, PSOE and EH Bildu are the only parties to improve their 2019 results.

The pro-independence leader noted that the progress made by EH Bildu reinforces the message repeated by his representatives during the last campaign and, therefore, remains in their intention to block the right path to power in Spain: “We are very clear about what the electorate demands of us. Our priority is to prevent PP and Vox from ruling in the country. If the Basque people vote for something, it is that they do not want a fascist government.”

EH Bildu is ranked as the third powerhouse in Euskadi, behind PSE-EE and with only 1,100 votes for PNV. In Navara it is placed in second place. Faced with the marked loss of electoral weight suffered by the Catalan pro-independence options, the space represented by EH Bildu shows an opposite trend. It rises and succeeds in cutting the advantage that PNV has traditionally had. Their options for assaulting Basque hegemony win whole numbers just a year before regional elections.

Otegi highlighted exactly this idea. In the Basque Country and Navarre, he emphasized that “more and more people are reaching out and feeling that voting for EH Bildu is useful for improving and winning the national and social rights of its citizens”. Going from five to six deputies and from two to five senators, in the opinion of its highest leader, would allow the coalition apertzal Exercising their influence in Congress, as during the last legislature: “The Basque people spoke yesterday, and the first message they sent was that they did not want the reactionary bloc to rule in Spain in any way”, he insisted during his speech on the assessment. 23-j.

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The big headline for the general electionAccording to the reading made by EH Bildu’s political leadership, “the PP-Vox reactionary bloc has not achieved its goals.” To achieve this goal, Otegi said: “The public used the helpful two-way vote. On the one hand, it supported the PSE-EE and the PSN, although this is a situational vote driven by fear. On the other hand, it rewarded the pro-independence left.” Finally, he presented what the strategy of the Basque Independent Supporters would be in the coming months: “We do not speculate, but we keep our promise. If it were up to us, the scale would tip towards anti-fascism.

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