Parc Central de València has been closed after seven children were infected with microorganisms in the water

The Valencia City Council has ordered the preventive and temporary closure of the central park and its facilities after seven cases of infection with a microorganism that caused CryptosporidiumIn children 2 to 9 years old. And the church indicated, in a statement, that it would proceed to empty the water tanks and fountains throughout the park, after the warning sent by the General Sub-Directorate of Epidemiology in generalities, due to the suspected presence of protozoa. Cryptosporidiuma microorganism that causes cryptosporidiosis.

The City Council and the Ministry are working together, after recording cases of infection with this microorganism in a total of seven children. The board reports that the main symptom of infection is watery diarrhoea, often accompanied by other signs of gastrointestinal upset.

No showering in the sheet area.

According to the data collected, infection can be caused by improper access to water covers and sources by children such as bathing and refreshing areas, a use that is strictly prohibited because these waters do not receive treatment like those used. They are allowed to take a shower.

The councilor of Carlos Mundina explained that, from the City Council, access to the park and all affected areas is closed and, as stated, “the improper use of these spaces is strictly prohibited”, not even by people, either adults or children, nor pets, especially dogs , because it is a carrier of the disease.

Pets are carriers of this disease

Following the health warning, facilities were ordered to close, water treatment to begin, and procedures available for fecal incidents (PWTAG, or from other organisms) applied. Likewise, samples were taken for analysis to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment.

Park Central facilities.

Valencia City Council

The cryptosporidium-transmitting parasite lives in the soil, in food, and in water, and can also be found on surfaces contaminated with feces. Infection usually occurs by ingesting the parasite if it is in food or in water (in drinking and swimming water), as well as by touching the mouth with contaminated hands.

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