Participation in Catalunya as of 6pm was 48.68%, 11 points lower

The turnout in Catalonia as of 6 pm in the general elections, Sunday, was 48.68%, compared to 59.88% in the 2019 elections, which represents a decrease of 11.2 points, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior.

Specifically, 2,581,398 people voted, though those numbers don’t include voting by mail, which is added up at the end of the day. In this election, 4.4% of Catalan voters have done so in advance by mail.

4.4% of the vote is by mail

Catalonia is the society where voting has fallen the most Spain, where the participation rate was 53.09%.3.76 points lower than in 2019.

By prefecture, the largest decline until 6:00 pm occurred in Girona, with a participation of 46.46% and a decline of almost 13 points compared to 2019. In Lleida the participation was lower, at 45.05%, although the decline is 11.49 points less compared to last year. Participation in Barcelona reached 49.19%, down 11.29 points, and in Tarragona, it was 49.30%, down 8.47 points from four years ago.

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The 2,668 polling stations opened normally at 9 a.m. so that 5.7 million voters could exercise their right to vote by 8 p.m. Sunday. In the province of Barcelona, ​​4,243,485 are entitled to vote; In Girona, the distribution is 546,371; In Lleida it is 317,224, and in Tarragona it is 596,657.

The heads of the list of the main Catalan parties went to vote in the morning and, as usual, demanded participation after casting their ballots at their respective polling stations.

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