PDECat-Espai CiU is concerned about low participation

PDECat-Espai CiU is facing an election night that could determine the future of the formation. The Sallés Pere IV, headed by Roger Montagnola, was chosen for the general election to follow the results with the members and members of the family. Around 7:30 p.m., Montagnola, accompanied by his wife, arrived to some applause and with confidence that they would gain representation in the Chamber of Deputies. The first polls of the night are not going that way, and it looks like they can stay at the doors of the House of Representatives.

The first appearance came a few minutes after the polls were launched, although caution was exercised and they were not evaluated. Genes Boadilla, No. 2 and secretary of the organization, lamented the low turnout which, according to him, does not indicate “a good temperature on the thermometer as to how questionable the population is”.


Boudilla is worried about low engagement and wise

In a brief speech, in which no questions were allowed, he stressed his concern about the low numbers of participation, although we will have to wait until nine in the morning to know the final number and add the vote by mail.

Altogether, Boadilla appreciated Election Day, which went by “completely normal,” and expressed his gratitude to the fighters, agents, chiefs, and tabletops, among others, who made this election possible, “especially considering we’re in July and it’s hot.”

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