Pedro Sanchez, in the hands of Puigdemont

Carles Puigdemont appeared for Pedro Sanchez at dawn: Spain is exposed to a possible scenario of “either Gones, or re-election” in the coming weeks. The problem is that the ERC’s failure in the municipal and general elections is now giving wings to the Gentiles to lead the SWP to the point of death in its negotiating demands. It is difficult for the independence movement to break its promise not to invest it “for nothing”. It’s the bitter pill in survivor Sanchez’s electoral carambola: he could easily reissue the “New Frankenstein,” were it not for anger in a part of the independence movement when he thought another “talking table” would be sterile. This explains The wear and tear of ERC in this legislature, having received some amnesty to bail their leaders out of prison, but without a referendum for self-determination, as many citizens continue to demand. The final exam, 23-J, was rated strongly by the PSC, in part due to an abstention campaign organized by rip-related currents as a symbol of protest.

So, Pedro Sánchez faces a confused independence movement, whose parties he himself has colored with his appeasement theses. It will be easier to convince Oriol Junqueras to install him there than Gonterio. Xavier Trias’ party is already sharpening its fangs, after the PSC seized the Barcelona mayor’s office two months ago. Nor do they forget the socialist leader’s promise to bring Puigdemont to Spain for trial in 2019. So many grievances seem to make him la Moncloa. The question is what Junts want to be when they grow up. Its aim is to restore the presidency of the General Assembly, After taking the Berry of Aragon from him two years ago. The irony is that if elections end up being forced, there is little autonomy left in the case of far-right rule.

But could Junts accept anything other than practical To give their vote in return? Catalonia is on the move – seen 23J -, although some in Madrid insist it is the same as it was six years ago. A climate of cryptic opinion begins to grow among some associated with practical That their parties have become sterile. They believe that it is not useful nor to advance the estrangement agenda, nor to achieve important shifts for the authorities. For this reason, Sanchez should not disdain the requests that are still alive today more than ever in the Catalan public debate, such as the transfer of Rodalez.

The question that the demonic situation facing the PSOE leader, to be reinvested, is merely a reflection of our own Spain ghosts: 1-O’s screen isn’t quite off, Puigdemont recalls. parties practical They keep asking for a return former consumers That many Catalans call them “exiles”. But closing the still open wounds depends not only on political will, but also on the action of the courts.

Perhaps 23-J would leave a reading in a regional key: there Spanish plural who not only forgave Pardon, but upheld it. It is that country that does not want Catalonia or the Basque Country to catch fire, as promised by the far right, and that has countered the intolerance of those who only understand one vision of the Spanish. Who knows if Spain itself would end up demanding final pardon from Puigdemont. The socialist leader does not seem to bear the same costs today as he did five years ago.

Although not all Spanish plural She could be just as happy with Sanchez. Alberto Núñez Feijóo will likely seek an investment formula based on giving maximum importance to the crucial PNV. Basque nationalists have long complained about Bildeu’s massive concentration. Because of this, Feijóo could try a one-man government, supported from abroad by Vox, the Canary Islands coalition, the UPN, and Basque nationalists. Although a year has passed since the Basque Autonomous Communities, and with the left apertzal Having passed them in Congress, the risk of being partnered with PP – even with the far right outside the executive branch – would be very high for giltzalis. The People’s Party sees itself overthrown with its own slogan “Let Txapote vote for you”, which gave wings to Bildu.

Thus, if Spain could ever be subjugated, it would be at the expense of the “New Frankenstein”. However, this name should no longer be considered an insult: unlike 2019, this time Citizens voted for it knowing the facts, in conversions and formula. Of course, the junior partners will have more power than ever over the next government: making the PNV corollary compatible with Bildu support, or Junts against ERC, parties competing with each other, is the challenge for the acting president. The difference with what it was four years ago is that the “new Frankenstein” will be more conscious because the polls 23-J endorsed it: the collapse of independence in Catalonia, Bildu in the rule of Spain. That, or the general election. The centuries of Sanchez’s fate are obscure.

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