Pedro Sanchez, the first candidate to vote

The head of government and the Social Democratic Party’s candidate for re-election, Pedro Sanchez, voted on Sunday, accompanied by his wife, Begonia Gomez, at the Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo school in Madrid.

Sanchez arrived at the polling station shortly after 9 am, as soon as polling stations were established and when the first voters had already arrived.

The leader of the Socialist Workers Party exercised his right in front of the wide anticipation of the national and international photographed media who gathered at this school near the Moncloa Palace, which was also attended by some Socialist sympathizers who applauded him with shouts of “Chief, Chief” and some shouts of complaints.

Diaz, mid-morning

The second vice president of the government and Sumar’s candidate for the presidency, Yolanda Diaz, intends to go to her polling station in Madrid in the middle of the day to exercise her right to vote.

Specifically, according to Soummar, he will do so at 11:30 am at the Higher Technical School of Mining Engineers, on Alenza Street, where he will also make statements to the media.

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