Pilara blames Diaz for losing votes for “rejecting feminism and making Podemos invisible”.

Peace never lasted. Ioni Pilara, the general secretary of Podemos, on Monday indicted Yolanda Diaz, whom she blames for Sumar’s loss of support for “renouncing feminism and making Podemos invisible.” Pillara stressed that it was Podemos who “chose Yolanda Diaz to expand the space and rule more aggressively”, however, the balance is “an addition More than 700,000 votes and many seats left Regarding the worst Unidas Podemos result.

In the video, Pilara asserts that Sumar has to adapt to recognizing the “pluralism of nationalities” of the state and asserts that Podemos is “the ideological engine of the political space and of the coalition government”.

Ione Belarra, in the video recorded Monday, July 24, after the Podemos CEO meeting and broadcast on a deferred basis.

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The SWP’s strategy of denying the majority will not make agreement easy.”

Ion HerbGeneral Secretariat of the centers

“The strategy of renouncing feminism and making Podemos invisible has not worked electorally,” Podemos begins, “from this moment on, deepening the work we have been doing throughout the legislature: we will work tirelessly to weave together a feminist, progressive, multinational majority that will allow us to reassert government and above all continue the social, environmental and feminist transformations that our country needs.”

The Podemos leader also dedicated arrows to the PSOE: “The PSOE strategy of denying the majority will not make it easy, but we will try to the end,” she emphasized. “Yesterday Spain gained time, but it is not enough: we have to show that we will use that time to strengthen the coalition, the multinational majority and feminism.”

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