PNV gives a final ‘no’ to Feijóo and EH Bildu already guarantees a ‘yes’ to Sanchez

Sunday’s elections yielded electoral results that made it impossible for the PNP to support the virtual inauguration of Alberto Núñez Figo. The answer is that government officials They would have given the popular leader that the matter was known even before the end of the audit, once verified he would need Vox to get closer to the possibility of ruling. Yesterday morning, the president of PNV in Bizcaya, Itxaso Atutxa, ruled out supporting the People’s Party in a radio interview, “for having washed and legalized Fox”. The party’s executive board, the party’s executive council, endorsed this decision soon after. The Chairman of the Executive Board, Andoni Ortozar, finally resolved any hint of doubt at the end of the day, once he contacted Figo to convey “PNV’s refusal to start talks in order to facilitate his position”. Meanwhile, EH Bildu guarantees yes to Sanchez: “We will not give the correct opportunity to re-election”.

Ortuzar’s call came after Labor raised, yesterday afternoon, the idea that he had contacted PNV and had not received a “no” for an answer. Since configuration ruler They wanted to clarify the situation. As they explain, Figo tried to “contact” Ortuzar all day; Finally, after the masses were sure that the National Party had not closed the door, the party chief decided to call him at the end of the day.

decision of the executive authority

After contacting him, PNV announced that the door was permanently closed and that there was no possibility of dialogue with a view to a final installation. The decision was ratified by the party’s executive branch that morning, which is evident with the existing election results.

Speculation about a possible future understanding between PP and PNV started with Núñez Feijóo landing in Madrid, after the departure of Pablo Casado. The bridges between jeltzales and Populares have been broken since the suggestion of no confidence that, with the indispensable support of PNV, promoted Pedro Sanchez to Moncloa in the spring of 2018.

In fact, Feijóo succeeded in rebuilding those bridges and establishing a line of communication with the PNV. However, Giltzallis set a precondition for any future understanding from the start: Vox could not be in the equation.

Post-election agreements that the People’s Party had with Vox throughout Spain after the 28-M elections left PNV the door to a possible understanding with the People’s Party practically closed. There was a loophole left for virtual support. It depends on what happened on Sunday.

The only possibility

In the event that the PP achieved an exceptional result, reaching 160 seats, the PNV option could have been activated. This path went through a virtual inauguration of Núñez Feijóo by a simple majority, without Vox in the equation, and with the sole support of PNV and some other minority partners. With less than a year to go before elections to the Basque Parliament, it was not an easy decision for the PNP. However, this ultimate support would have allowed it to position itself as a party with a political vision that managed to keep the far right out, avoid embargoes and, ultimately, obtain counterparties that would make it politically profitable in the Basque Country.

That scenario was far from happening on Sunday, and the door to PNV was already closed to Feijóo before 10:00 p.m., as the count progressed. Now, Geltzl will enter into dialogue with the PSOE to negotiate the inauguration of Pedro Sanchez. The goal is to reach an investment agreement, one like the one they closed in December 2019, although this time they will seek to ensure it is protected from potential breaches.

The PNV wants to avoid at all costs repeating the legislature’s recent dynamics, which forced them to repeatedly renegotiate issues already agreed upon in the inauguration pact. Furthermore, the Basque nationalists would demand such matters as full compliance, after four decades, with the Guernica Code, an issue on which they agreed four years ago and which, although significant transfers have occurred, is far from being achieved. In addition, yesterday Itxaso Atutxa asked the PSOE for “strategic decisions on the Basque Country and Catalonia”, stating that Sanchez knows what the “Basque agenda” is.

Meanwhile, EH Bildu has already made it clear that it will facilitate the installation of Pedro Sánchez and that they will not give “the right to re-election”. This was stated by Oscar Matute in an interview with El Correo. He insisted in Canal Red yesterday in the same terms: “It would not make sense that if we said throughout the campaign that we aspire to represent the best anti-fascist values ​​in the face of reactionary threats, we would put a price on virtual voting.

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