Polwart opens up to dialogue after revitalizing protests: “Let’s set a social agenda and talk”

The resumption of nationwide protests this Thursday deserved the immediate statement of the President of Peru, in Boluarte, who delivered a message to the nation with his Prime Minister, Alberto Otarola, and the President of Congress, Jose Williams. His speech was not hostile, but rather had a conciliatory tone, with several smiles in between. The president highlighted the peaceful nature of the mobilization, the day before the executive branch Encourage the idea that it will be the opposite.

“We are recognizing citizens who have demonstrated mostly peacefully, and that’s a good thing for Peru […] Those who marched did not commit any act of violence. Some yes, one or the other, a few, numbered, six I think arrested. But from here I make my sincere confession,” he said as part of signing the law that will establish the National Infrastructure Authority, an organization that will have the task of reducing social gaps with regard to public works.

Peru’s first female president in its entire republican history has insisted that the opposition’s demands are not the responsibility of the executive branch and that they can only be resolved in the next elections. In this sense, Bulwart invited them to meet at the palace. Brothers: Let’s set a social agenda and talk. I am sure we will respect each other and this dialogue peacefully. And we will be embraced as patriots as we are, with that red and white pride, and bring, as Peruvians and public, private and political figures, to our country,” he said. According to the latest CPI survey, disapproval of the president is at 80.5% nationwide. He succeeds Pedro Castillo last December.

A demonstrator wears a Dinah Bulwart mask, during last Thursday’s protests in Lima. Mosock Nolte

At another point in the conference, Boulwart saluted the performance of Parliament, one of the most discredited institutions in the country. The same survey showed that the disapproval of the management of the room records 90.8% of the population. Thanks again to Congress. This is the Congress, the dialogue that bets on finding laws that unite us and not divide us, and that it finds the way with the executive and legislative branches. I also embrace regional and local governments,” he said.

Although according to the initial report of the Office of the Ombudsman, the so-called third takeover of Lima left eight injured, the Ministry of Health reported that there were 11 injured across the country. Often affected by bruises. It was the freelance photographer, Gabriela Ramos Carvajal, who suffered the worst, with shrapnel in her arms and face. Despite this, the commander of the Lima region, General Roger Pérez Figueroa, said that the troops “only use rubber bullets, items that do not cause any serious damage. They only affect the body and can cause lacerations.”

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Dina Polwart finished speaking, recalling a dialogue with her opponents. “Only by speaking and without shouting at each other, we can hear each other. Sometimes, even when we are close and shout at each other, we do not hear each other. But if we speak quietly, despite the distance, we will listen to each other. I invite you all to this fraternal dialogue.” clear line.

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