PP accelerates negotiations with Vox from the governments of the Region of Murcia and Aragon after the disappointment of 23-J

The People’s Party is trying to alleviate the frustration that prevailed within the party after the general elections. Its boss, Alberto Núñez Viejo, insists That there are still options to form the majority of the inauguration. Virtually unlikely scenario after the slam of the PNV. Where there is room for maneuver to raise the morale of the popular ranks, and to show muscle behind the scenes, in the region of Murcia and Aragon. In both communities, Fernando López Meras and Jorge Azcon – both candidates from the People’s Party and majority winners in the 28-m elections – have a month left to close a government agreement with other parliamentary forces before the deadline for calling a second election expires. Both are based on Vox’s refrain and both only last a few hours, After the polls close on 23J, Trying to resume contacts with Ultra formation and speed up negotiations.

Azcon and Lopez Meras met on Monday afternoon in Madrid, about Figo and the rest of the barons, During the National Board of Directors meeting held at the party headquarters. At the meeting, the People’s Party leader acknowledged his frustration with Sunday’s results. A sentiment shared by grassroots leaders. Before entering the building on Calle de Genova in Madrid, López Meras warned that Vox had to “rethink its strategy” because after “obstructing” the formation of the government in Murcia, the Ultras slipped to third place in these general elections, compared to the results of November 2019, when Vox was the party with the most votes in the region. The inauguration of Lopez Meras It failed in the second round in the tenth by refusing to agree to a coalition government with the ultras. A condition imposed by Santiago Abascal after he was excluded from the distribution of the Moorish compilation table.

This Tuesday, the People’s Party of the Region of Murcia proposed to Vox – “at the request” of López Meras – to hold a new meeting, this Wednesday, to try to reach an inauguration agreement. According to sources in his government, the acting president therefore intends to “untangle the situation” and avoid a repeat of the elections. The deadline for calling a second election ends on September 7. So far, the terms of the ultras for López Meras’ support have included a vice-presidential position and two boards. In turn, the populists reiterated their intention to rule alone. Vox has also requested a series of programmed agreements, such as the repeal of the Mar Menor Protection Act, another red line for PP.

But the situation on Tuesday is very different from 15 days ago, when Figo saw himself as president And compensated for the image of delivery of independent charters From Extremadura and the community of Valencia with the shock achieved in the region of Murcia. In any case, Murcia’s PP will again propose a programmatic agreement tomorrow, which includes the offer of “parliamentary and institutional representation positions” and insists on the “commitment” of a single executive. The spokesman for the People’s Parliamentary Group, Joaquín Cegado, has phoned Fox’s regional deputy, Rubén Martínez Albañez, to close tomorrow’s meeting in the Regional Assembly, according to sources from López Meras’ team. From the Vox press office in Murcia, they indicated that the PP had not contacted the regional president of the party, José Ángel Antilo, and therefore, they could not pay attention to the meeting based on what the media was saying. Vox will continue its agenda tomorrow, the same sources add. Late in the afternoon, López Meras called for action in Murcia tomorrow morning, while the Assembly, where I had requested the meeting, was in Cartagena.

According to sources from the Murcian PP, it was contemplated to give up some positions at the table of the Provincial Assembly, from which Vox was excluded, as well as Senator by Provincial appointment. Abascal and Vigo They had their first conversation on Monday On account of the 23-y results, after the election night leader of the Fox party accused the head of the People’s Party, whom he accused of influencing his loss of 600,000 votes and 19 seats for his “helpful vote” campaign. However, Vox General Secretary Ignacio Garriga confirmed on Monday that they will “do everything” in their “hands” to craft agreements in Murcia and Aragon because “the Spaniards deserve it”.

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In Aragon, the candidate of the People’s Party for the government, Jorge Azcon, announced this Tuesday morning that he is resuming the round of contacts to try to form a government in the community. At first, the president of the Aragonese party expressed his intention to rule alone, but this Tuesday he was less forthcoming. “I do not rule out any future scenario in the government,” Azkoun said in a press conference. which has already given the presidency of the table of the Aragonese Parliament to Ultras.

Jorge Azcon, in a press conference, this Tuesday, in Zaragoza.Javier Cibolada (EFE)

The candidate confirmed that this Tuesday he will contact the spokesmen of Vox, Aragon-Teruel Existe and the Aragonese Party, formations that have shown their willingness to cooperate in the “governance” of the territory in the first round of contacts conducted after the elections, to reach an agreement. The Aragonese-Teruel Exist has already put forward that it will not vote for a coalition government of PP and Vox, but that they will refrain from investing Azcón on their own.

The People’s Party has until August 26 to prevent calling a second election. “Here there will be no electoral repetition,” added Azcon of Zaragoza, who justified his future moves by the need to defend Aragon from the “dominant” situation in Beldo and Esquerra due to Pedro Sanchez’s “willingness” to reach an understanding with both formations after the general elections. In the midst of the siege of Feijóo’s negotiations for his own inauguration, the PP of Aragon and those of the region of Murcia stepped on the metronome.

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