PP loses campaign initiative in the final phase towards the decisive Sunday

After a flawless debate Wednesday night on public television between Pedro Sanchez, Santiago Abascal and Yolanda DiazNow come the fight scenes in the mud.

For the first time in this campaign, the president and candidate, Pedro Sánchez, referred in an interview in La Sexta to the “disturbing” – use the adjective – issue that has haunted Alberto Núñez Viejo’s political career: His ties to the drug trafficker from the island of Arosa, Marcial Dorado.

Just need googlear A little bit: this name is written and there is a picture of the candidate for prime minister of the People’s Party, much younger than now, with a man with a beard, also young. They are both topless on a yacht. The one who accompanies Feijóo is Marcial Dorado, considered one of the three most important smugglers on the Galician coast. He was arrested on various occasions since the 1980s and was sentenced in 2009 to fourteen years in prison.

TVE debate audience averaged 4.1 million: There are voters waiting to decide their vote

In the background of the photo featuring Dorado and Feijóo, you can see the Cíes Islands. Nice place to visit. Unless one has a yacht. It is the mouth of the Vigo River in 1995. Few were aware then that Dorado was a smuggler. Except for the candidate of the People’s Party, who says to this day that he has no idea.

Pedro Sanchez left the message to Núñez Figo on TV: “It is his duty to tell the truth to the Spanish people”. Truth and lies carry more weight in this campaign than any other.

This isn’t the first time these images have crossed Feijóo’s path. In 2013, after the publication of the Barcenas newspapers, the whole world considered Rajoy dead, Country Post those pictures that are now circulating everywhere. The idea that some of PP’s rivals decided to go public to prevent Feijóo from launching into the succession race is not unreasonable. Be that as it may, the current leader of the People’s Party, after its publication, disappeared from Madrid and secluded himself in Galicia until three years later, in 2016, he obtained a new absolute majority. Then he believed that he atonement for sin. In this campaign, the leader of the Sumar, Yolanda Diaz, a Galician like Figo, was the first to pose for photos at a rallyalthough these images, which for weeks have turned into rather funny memes, are transmitted through the networks.

How will some of the images from ten years ago affect the campaign? Certainly a little, but the fact is that this second week of the campaign is changing – which does not mean that it can significantly change the expected outcome. The People’s Party, which was the builder of the electoral story in this series of calls – now municipal and public – has lost the initiative.

Feijóo’s absence from Wednesday night’s public televised debate may have been an additional misstep. This is how some political scientists who follow the campaign saw it. There’s a related fact: The average audience for this debate was 4.1 million, and the face-to-face audience was 5.9 million. Although there is a smaller audience, the number is not insignificant. In some communities, for example, Madrid, the screen share was close to 50 percent. There is interest in this campaign and many people are still waiting to decide what they will vote for on Sunday.

Feijóo, who suffers from severe lower back pain, was in Valencia yesterday, Where he promised that he would pass a law to prevent elections from being held in July and August, and warned of the price that the ERC and Bildu would set for Sanchez to become head of government again. The last days of a campaign are always long and heavy, especially if you have already put all the messages you have into the discussion. Sometimes those days are too many for those who look forward to the future.

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