PP proposes to Vox a meeting tomorrow to come up with an investment agreement in Murcia

As soon as the general elections ended on Sunday, the People’s Party of the Region of Murcia contacted Fox on Tuesday “at the request of the president” of the party, Fernando López Meras, to propose a meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, to try again to reach an agreement to be able to carry out the tasks of his office.

As confirmed by PP sources to EFE, the aim is to “open the current situation”, which for the time being has prevented the creation of a new independent government. Meras thus intends to “reach an agreement” with Vox and thus avoid a repeat of the elections, which would be mandatory if a president is not appointed before September 7.

The same sources indicated that the venue that was proposed to be held is the Regional Assembly of Murcia, in Cartagena, where the only meeting held so far has already taken place on July 4.

More than two months have passed since the regional elections in which López Meras won 21 seats, 2 deputies by an absolute majority, against 13 for the PSOE, 9 for Vox and 2 for Podemos. The people needed Vox’s support to achieve the necessary absolute majority, which they did not have The failed investment debate which took place on July 7 and 10, after the popular candidate refused to integrate the far-right into his executive administration, a demand confirmed by Vox.

Azcón accelerates communications in Aragon

Meanwhile, in Aragon, the regional leader of the People’s Party, Jorge Azcon, is accelerating his contacts with the parties that have opened up to facilitate governance – Vox, Teruel Xist and the Aragonese Party – with the aim of installing him as president of the community, and although he maintains a single government on the basis of his preference, he does not rule out any scenario or prejudge the outcome.

At a press conference at the headquarters of the Aragonese party, Azcon insisted that there is no alternative to a government headed by the People’s Party of Aragon and completely ruled out the possibility of a repeat election.

Today, the leaders of these three parties will call for the reopening of negotiations for his installation, which has a deadline of August 23, and the formation of a government that has the support of the largest possible number of deputies in the Cortes de Aragon, without revealing whether it will present specific positions for these formations.

Almost two months have passed since the independent elections in which the People’s Party won 28 seats out of 67 in the Cortes of Aragon and to be elected president in the first round, Azcon needs to achieve an absolute majority and outpace it with the seven deputies that Fox got, although his leader in Aragon, Alejandro Nolasco, repeatedly warned him that he would not support his stepping down from the government if he left his party.

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