PRISA increased its EBITDA by 53% in the first half to €68 million

he PRISA GROUP, EL PAÍS publishing company, on an income of 441 million euros during the first half of the year, which represents an increase of 14% compared to that registered during the same period in the previous year. Gross operating income (EBITDA) was €68 million, which represents an increase of 53% compared to the first half of last year. The EBITDA margin improved by four points year-over-year to 15.5%. Briza got “Sustainable Business Growth, MeIncome and margins in the first half of the year, which leads to an improvement in all indicators in relation to the same period of 2022, the company explains in a note recorded in National Commission for the Stock Market (CNMV).

The company explains that “the firm commitment to the digital business in the field of education, which is represented by Santillana, is reflected in the growth of 9% in subscribers compared to the same semester of the previous year, reaching 2.7 million.”

The group also highlights the increase in EL PAÍS subscribers. Exclusive digital subscriptions increased by 51%. The total number of subscribers, including digital and print editions, exceeded 308,000 at the end of June.

“PRISA continues to focus on debt reduction,” the company asserts. The net debt of the group closed at 866 million euros during the period The first semester after being reduced by 60 millionWhile it increased in the same period of the previous year by 79 million euros. Liquidity reached 162 million in June.

The net result of the publishing group was -36 million euros, mainly due to the increase in financial expenses caused by the sharp rise in interest rates.


Santillana’s total operating income (ebitda) in this quarter was €55 million, which was an increase of 50% compared to the same period last year. “Both business in the public and private sectors is increasing,” the company notes, explaining that revenues amount to 235 million euros, up 16% over the first six months of the previous year.

“The educational business continues its upward trajectory with Santillana leading the way in digital transformation,” the company adds. Education systems increased their subscriptions by 9% compared to the previous year. “This development demonstrates the strength of the offer and customer loyalty,” he adds.

Medium lunge

For PRISA Media, the number of subscribers also continues to increase steadily in EL PAÍS. The Group’s advertising revenues had a positive behavior in the first half of the year, increasing by 5% due to pressure on digital, print and broadcast press in Spain and Chile. PRISA Media’s EBITDA ratio gives a positive result of 14 million, up three million from the same period in 2022.

Revenue from this business area also grew to 204 million, up 10%. EBITDA margin grows by 1 point and is 7%. PRISA Media continues to preserve the good performance It works through the semester, with significant growth through 2022 in digital evolution vectors: digital subscribers (+51%), digital audio (+4% downloads and +12% listening hours), digital video (+16%) and social networks (+12%), the publishing company says.

Radio (SER, LOS40, Caracol, ADN Chile, among others) continued to lead the audience with a total of 23 million. The latest wave of the PGM again demonstrated the Cadena SER’s leadership in all its categories, including digital radio, with 4,056,000 daily listeners. Music channels continue to grow and the LOS40 community ends the semester with over 8.8 million listeners per month in Spain alone.


“During the first half of the year, PRISA continued to make progress on its sustainability strategy outlined in its 2022-2025 Master Plan, with a focus on social impact, responsible corporate governance and transparent and committed governance,” the company details in the memo sent to CNMV.

In the environmental field, the group continues to educate its public on the effects of climate change through initiatives such as Eco Talks From Los40, he adds. “Significant steps have been taken in integrating sustainability standards into event planning and management,” he continues. The company states that the general meeting of shareholders and the forum ecosystem nowfrom EL PAÍS, certified as sustainable events, for incorporating measures that minimize impact on the environment and good practices in diversity and inclusion.

In Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, Santillana launched the contest sustainable schoolsIn conjunction with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) to recognize the initiatives of educational centers in this field. For its part, Radio Caracol, in Colombia, created the programme sustainable snailIt is a new space that brings the public closer to current social and environmental challenges, and shows the role of citizens and companies in facing these challenges.

Finally, in the area of ​​governance, PRISA currently has 46.7% women on the board of directors, which is close to parity and over the 40% stipulated in the draft Organic Law on equal representation of men and women in decision-making bodies.

In addition, and to enhance the institutional role of the group, the Board of Directors has appointed two Vice-Chairmen, Fernando Carrillo y Pilar Gilwho developed their new role in America and Spain respectively.

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