Protests renewed in Peru to demand the resignation of Dina Boulwart and electoral progress

Vegas Protests against the government of Dina Polwart It was reactivated Wednesday in Peru with its epicenter in Lima and reverberations across much of the country. According to the Office of the Ombudsman, there were marches in 59 provinces and roadblocks in 64, which accounted for 32.7% of the districts nationwide. However, the Ministry of the Interior reported that as of the early hours of the afternoon, 21,000 people were mobilized across Peru and no more than 1,500 in the capital. The official figures contradicted the massive deployment of security forces and the mobilization seen in the streets of the capital to demand the resignation of the president and achieve electoral progress. Four months after a long wave of protests rocked Peru between December and March, demonstrators took advantage of the occasion to artfully express their discontent.

In Plaza San Martín, one of the focus places of the so-called Third Conquest of Lima, a flesh-and-blood Barbie emerged on Wednesday that the American company Mattel would never have thought of: on the eve of the world premiere of the film about The iconic doll a Cosplayer I embodied the “Barbie dictator,” a reference to the suppression of protests by our CEO Polwart, who took power in December from Pedro Castillo after his failed coup attempt. Students from the School of Fine Arts designed a two-meter-tall box of pink cardboard with three captions: “Certificate of Impunity”, marked “Matein” and “Includes Dum Dum Bullets and Tear Gas Canisters”. This last memo referred to a statement by Boulwart about the killing of eighteen civilians in Juliaca last January. According to the president, they were both killed after being shot with “a homemade weapon called a dum-dum” which the authorities attributed to Bolivian paramilitary forces. This thesis has not been proven. The giant package was made with the intention of getting every citizen in during the rally. But at one point, a woman wearing heart-shaped glasses and a presidential ribbon held a toy gun inside her, and the photo flooded social media.

A demonstrator inside a huge, mockumentary version of a Barbie doll’s box, on Wednesday in Lima.Mosock Nolte

Concentration began at four in the afternoon in the Plaza dos de Mayo. The bulk of the demonstration was made up of Peruvians from the regions – especially those in the southern highlands – who endured an epic journey to reach the historic center on Wednesday. For example, the Aymara delegation from Puno faced four police interventions until they reached Lima. The executive branch ordered comprehensive surveillance of all vehicles heading to the capital. College students, labor unions, feminist groups, LGTBI, religious fraternities, and even pensioners and seniors’ associations were also in attendance.

The banners of the struggle, as on other occasions, were not similar, although they all agreed on the departure of Dina Boulwart from power and the advancement of general elections, a scenario that the president completely ruled out last June. The demand that generates the most divisions and conflicts is the demand the release of former President Castillo, Who is being held in Barbadillo Prison with two sentences of preventive detention. One for being the alleged leader of a criminal organization and the other for rebellion after his attempted coup last December. “People left Castillo alone, Cholo like us,” said a leader several times with a speaker heard in the Plaza dos de Mayo. In that space were placed two cardboard coffins bearing the names of 49 civilians who died as a result of the regime forces’ repression.

A woman faces police officers deployed to contain a demonstration, on July 19 in downtown Lima.
A woman faces police officers deployed to contain a demonstration, on July 19 in downtown Lima.Mosock Nolte

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Even a group from the Tacna region in the south demanded his release Betsy Chavez, the last president of Castillo’s cabinet, is also behind bars after being sentenced to 18 months of preventive confinement last month for being considered a co-author of the country teacher’s self-coup. The truth is that there were those who took to the streets knowing that they would go hand in hand with slogans that were not theirs. But they were not the expected majority.

In contrast to the mobilizations in the first quarter of Bulwart, this time the police officers allowed civilians to reach the Congress of the Republic, on Abankay Street, shortly after 6 p.m. However, they then reinforced the police cordon and began firing volleys of tear gas until the crowd retreated. According to the Board of Grievances, eight were injured, six civilians and two police officers, including a freelance photographer.

In the interior of the country, the highlight of the day was the confrontation between agents and civilians in the Plaza de Armas in Huancavelica, in the center of the country, as well as the burning of a cardboard coffin in front of the province. From the aforementioned region. The Peruvian Highlands and the capture of the students of the National University of Cajamarca. Thus concludes the first day of a new chapter of social upheaval in Peru.

Thousands of demonstrators march towards the Congress and Government Palace, in central Lima.
Thousands of demonstrators march towards the Congress and Government Palace, in central Lima.Mosock Nolte

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