PSC promotes Sanchez in Spain

Catalunya was crucial for Pedro Sanchez to improve results Two other MPs were scratched in connection with the previous general election. The Socialists in Spain have suffered, in large part, thanks to the votes received by the PSC of Salvador Ella, which installed itself as the first power in 65 of 67 municipalities with more than 20 thousand inhabitants and received 413 thousand votes compared to 2019.

With 19 deputies, they swept 462 municipalities, something that had not happened since 2008 when they had the best results with Carme Chacon, reaching 25 seats.

in this election, The Peace and Security Council succeeded in deactivating the pro-independence parties and distinguishing 13 seats from the popular ones. The results of the formation led by Illa were day and night with PP. It is true that these have gone from two to six deputies, but at the time of the decline of the independence movement they remain weak in Catalonia and stand behind the Sumar Communes, the ERC and the Junts.

The Catalan People’s Party has been waiting for years for a congress to put an end to the internal battles

Looking at the final picture of the general elections, it is clear that it is difficult to win in Spain without doing well in Catalonia. To get to Moncloa it is necessary to have a well-equipped machine in the second largest autonomous community in terms of population, and the popular communities have been postponing a conference for years to put an end to internal battles and organize the party in Catalonia. Electoral competition meant a truce in these internal conflicts, which are expected to be resolved soon if there is no electoral repetition.

al final, Elector Nacho Martín Blanco, of Ciudadanos, arrived late to excite his constituentswho feared an alliance with Vox, would complicate matters in Catalonia.

It is difficult for PDECat to reverse the failure of this election. After being excluded from parliament two years ago, the Catalan center could not find its place and received poor results at the polls (31,687 votes). Voters turn their backs on them again to choose Junts.

CUP has not reached 100,000 votes and assumes it is time for a “self-criticism”

Still unknown are the next movements of the party leadership, which, although it had electoral rights, lost its last opportunity to influence the governance of Catalonia. Former President Artur Maas, still a fighter in the formation, He had already advised the head of the PDECat list, Roger Montagnola, not to appear in Congress. He said, “It doesn’t make sense to go to divide up a space, every time this has happened lately, it shows that it hasn’t led anywhere.”

The CUP is one of the biggest losers in this election in Catalonia. He lost his two deputies in Madrid and did not exceed the barrier of 100,000 votes. Albert Butran’s choice did not convince him, and he confirmed yesterday in remarks to TV3 that it would be necessary to make “self-criticism”. He attributed the problems in which pro-independence parties find themselves to the lack of “goals in the short or medium term”, which leads to “confusion and frustration”. However, he pointed out that the European Cup “comes from a historic path” and with the results of 23-Y “nothing ends.”

Also in ERC they are willing to do self-criticism. In the last municipal election, 300,000 votes were left by the wayside and there was hardly time to absorb the poor results before the impending new election call. After losing six seats and not reaching 15% of the vote in all the constituencies in which they contested – they may be left without their own group in Congress -, GOP Secretary General and Spokesperson Marta Vilalta confirmed yesterday that she will begin a process of internal discussions to reflect on the results.. Vilalta noted, “We bear the cost of leadership and shouldering responsibilities for the country with the mistakes that we make sure we make, and they are logical mistakes.”

The Commonwealth and the Republicans now conspire with the Junts to support their inauguration

Republicans attribute the drop in votes to the fact that the Catalans voted to stop the “reactionary wave” of the PP and Vox. They are the biggest losers from the advantageous vote of the left, which has benefited the PSC and also Sumar-Comuns, which has been promoted as a second force, with a concentration of 14% of the vote. Already during the campaign, Republicans felt that the Commons would be their main competitor to beat, with the exception of the PSC. Hence, they have been the target of many criticisms from Gabriel Ruffian, who did not appear yesterday to assess the results.

The ERC and the commons are now conspiring to name Junts “responsibility”. To support Sanchez’s installation.

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