PSC sweeps Catalunya, ERC and Junts in the seats, Sumar-ECP is the second force

A resounding victory for PSC in Catalunya after 15 years. The nomination, headed by Mitchell Patet, received 34% of the vote and 19 deputies in Congress, with 90% of the vote counted. In this way the Socialists add seven more seats compared to 2019 and increase their vote by 14%.

PSC gained 19 seats and Somar was placed as the second force in Catalunya

Another headliner of the night is Sumar-ECP, which has managed to position itself as the number two political force in Catalonia. Aina Vidal’s candidacy received 13.67% of the vote and seven seats, the same as that of En Comú Podem in 2019.

The two main pro-independence forces, ERC and Junts, are tied for seven seats. However, the Republicans are leading Junts in terms of votes at 13.28%, almost ten points less than in 2019 and they lost six seats.

Younts loses one deputy compared to the last election, when they got seven, and is down 2.26% in terms of votes. In addition to losing a seat, Junts won’t be able to re-validate third-place votes either. Miriam Nogueiras’ party will remain the fourth political force.

The election result leaves, for now, Nacho Martin Blanco’s People’s Party with six seats – it had two. With 13% of the vote -7.47% in the last generals – the People’s Party is close to doubling its votes compared to 2019. Vox, for its part, will keep two seats with the same MPs although it will improve its votes by 1%.

The People’s Party improved by four seats and Vox got more votes than in 2019

The CUP, which lost two seats, and the candidacy of PDECat-Espai Ciu headed by Roger Montagnola, did not gain representation and were excluded from the Chamber of Deputies.

The victory of the socialists is indisputable. PSC is ahead of the rest of the forces in both votes and seats in the four Catalan provinces (Lleida, Tarragona and Barcelona). In total votes, the difference between the PSC and the second power, Sumar-ECP, is 21%.

Junts and ERC tie for seats but both lose votes

In the battle to be the first pro-independence force, the dispute was settled compared to the previous elections, and Gönts and the ERC were tied in seats. The Republicans lost their deputies in all provinces (3 in Barcelona and one in Girona, Lleida and Tarragona). For its part, Miriam Nogueiras’ party tied for PSC seats in Girona, where the Socialists bested them, but lost one in Barcelona.

Catalonia results by provinces

In Barcelona, ​​the PSC has the majority of deputies and wins 13 seats, five more than in 2019. The second power is contested between Sumar and PP (which has 3 deputies compared to the last election), while ERC and Junts each lose one seat.

Guntes is tied with the PSC for two seats in Girona, while Sumar-ECP and ERC finalized the distribution of MPs with a seat each. In the vote, the Socialists edged out Miriam Nogueras’ party by nearly 26,000 votes.

In Lleida, the PS also prevails in both votes (29.37%) and seats (2). The hardest hit party is ERC, which loses a seat and remains the second power.

The PSC gets one more deputy than the rest in Tarragona, with ERC, Sumar-ECP, PP and Junts adding one seat each.

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