PSC urges Junts to “rise to the conditions” of Sanchez’s investment

The day after the clear victory in the general elections in Catalonia, the PSC wanted to flee from victory and called for dialogue and cooperation to invest Pedro Sánchez as president. They are aware of the importance to which the seven Guntz deputies will have to assemble the necessary majority, either by voting in their favour, or by abstaining.

“The results are clear, the numbers support them, and I appeal to all of us to rise to the occasion,” emphasized the first secretary of the Peace and Security Council, Salvador Illa, referring to Puigdemont’s party, to whom he had already made it clear that neither an amnesty nor a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia would be on the table when they were ready to speak. For Ella, “the time has come to bet on dialogue and cooperation, not division.”

Ella understands that the election demonstrates that voters from all over the country have voted for “a pluralistic and diverse Spain that must be expressed in a form of government that represents that plurality” led by Pedro Sánchez. In this sense, the leadership of the Catalan Socialists has not exchanged any messages with Juntes since election night and is leaving the start of the talks in the hands of the parliamentary group when the time comes.

The head of the opposition in Catalonia has also made it clear that in future negotiations for the revalidation of the PSOE in La Moncloa, agreements in other departments will not come into force. “The books should not be mixed,” Ella settled before the option of negotiating some kind of agreement with Xavier Trias’ party in the Catalan capital. The mayor himself, Jaume Colboni, made it clear that “Barcelona will not be a bargaining chip.”

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