PSC wins in Catalunya, ERC and Junts tie in seats and PP catch up with them, according to TV3 poll

The PSC will win the general elections in Catalonia with an advantage of four seats over the next forces, ERC and Junts, which will both get 9 deputies. according to a survey TV3 y Catalonia RadioThe Socialists, led by Michelle Batet, will receive 13 deputies in Congress with 22.7% of the vote, while the Equity and Reconciliation Commission, the first force in 2019, will lose four seats compared to the last of the generals.

According to the same poll, the two main pro-independence forces, Gontz and ERC, would be tied for nine seats. Thus, the party of Miriam Nogueiras will add two more seats than in 2019 and will equal the result of the Republicans in the deputies. In terms of voting, the ERC will be the second political force in Catalonia despite the fact that it will lose more than 2% of the vote, four points behind the Socialists.

The other headline in the poll is the result of the People’s Party, which may reach the two pro-independence parties and also reach 9 seats. Indeed, Nacho Martín Blanco’s party will overtake Gontes in votes (16.8%), thus doubling its result in 2019 by four seats. The poll gives Vox a range of one to two MPs, so he could lose one of the two seats he won in 2019.

According to a TV3 poll

PSC, the first force with 13 deputies, while the ERC lost 4, the Junts tie with the Republicans and the People’s Party can catch up with them

The line-up headed by Aina Vidal, Somar-ECP, will lose one deputy – it will have 6 – compared to the last election with 13.6% of the vote. The CUP will not improve its results either and will have one seat, while the candidacy of PDECat-Espai Ciu headed by Roger Montagnola will not get representation in Congress.

By provinces, the poll gave PSC victory in three of them, Barcelona, ​​Lleida and Tarragona, while Junts claimed victory in Girona. The ERC will not win, in this way, in any of the four provinces, as it will lose deputies in each of them except Tarragona, which will retain the two positions they obtained in 2019.

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