PSOE adheres to the “maximum wisdom” and trusts that PP and Vox will not add an absolute majority

“We’ll have to wait if there are smiles or tears tonight,” sighs a veteran socialist at the gates of the SWP’s federal headquarters on Madrid’s Calle Ferraz. They say that the coin on the main floor of the building can fall from one side or the other. “There will be a time to get upset, if you have to get upset,” says one of the housekeepers. Everything is an expectation, and no one wants to throw in the towel early.

The socialists insist on trusting that the choice that the populist party and the far-right of Vox will not cross the threshold of an absolute majority, could open up several alternative scenarios. Although, no one can forget the fateful night of May 28, when the scrutiny of the municipal and regional elections ended up severing all expectations, resulting in the loss of all regional power to the SWP.

“Extreme caution,” Ferraz’s executive branch spokesperson, Secretary Pilar Alegria, said at approximately 9:00 p.m. At night. And he demanded, “You have to be careful,” waiting, far from opinion polls that were known an hour ago, to start shaping the real political scenario that will leave on July 23.

Pedro Sanchez is scheduled to spend election night at the Ferraz residence. Ministers such as Félix Bolaños, María Jesus Montero, Margarita Robles, Pilar Loeb or Mikel Esita gather at the Socialists’ headquarters, scrutinized down to the millimeter. So are Vice-Presidents Nadia Calvino and Teresa Ribera. In addition to the leadership of the federal executive, it is led by the Secretary of the Organization of the Socialist Workers Party, Santos Serdán.

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